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This is your entrance into the astral plane, learn how to create your space and keep up with it before welcoming guests!

Entering the Astral Plane

There are many ways that you can enter the astral plane. I personally like to imagine myself walking into my secret forest or space. This place has a giant crystal in the middle that is a door to the astral. I think about walking into the crystal and keep walking through the dark until I come to a light or a door. Inside is my astral house. Some people like to imagine themselves falling into a hole or walking through a door. Anything that gets you into your astral house.

Building Your Astral House

Firstly, start by walking around your space. Is it cold or hot? Moldy or clean? Sunny or dark?

Make sure that you're walking and not teleporting. It is very tempting to want to appear where you're going but feel the floor underneath of your feet. Is it tiles or perhaps carpet? Maybe it is even hardwood. Feel the cracks in the floor, if it's dirty feel the dust inbetween your toes. What is the light like in this room? Maybe it is bright, if so, where is the light coming from. Perhaps a lamp or a window. If it's a window then imagine what is outside of the window. Make sure you aren't too close to any other beings on the astral plane. Now decorate!! You can do anything you want in your astral house, I personally like to draw it on paper to help me remember all of the details and practice going in and cleaning plus changing things that could be nicer. This helps you get familiar with this space. Spend time there, and after awhile, it will get so much easier!!!

message me if you have any questions!

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Oct 19, 2020
No matter how hard I try...I can never get there. Any ideas of things I can try? Also I can't feel my magick energy anymore....what is wrong with me or am I just not able to use magick anymore?

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