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This article is all about candle or sympathetic magic.


Candle magic is among the simplest forms of magic, called sympathetic magic. Sympathetic magic substitutes one thing for another, so for example, a poppet or doll can be used to represent a specific person; magic is performed on the doll to affect the person. Likewise, the candle acts as the object in this type of magic. Candle magic at its most basic involves nothing more than a candle and a match or lighter. However, by incorporating additional tools you can create beautiful and powerful spells.

Candle magic is all around us, from candles on a birthday cake being used to bring our wishes true, to candles lit in church to send our prayers to heaven/ancestors/gods. Our earliest ancestors regarded fire as a sacred tool. The hearth fire was essential for protection, cooking, and heating. Fire came to be associated with powerful and life-changing magic. Many of the oldest gods and goddesses are fire gods, usually connected to the sun. As we grew more and more civilized and lived in towns and villages more than in the wilds, sun gods begin to take on the trappings of hearth flame gods.

Fire Safety

Before proceeding to do anything with lighting any kind of heat source, you must always always take precautions. Make sure you are near a water source, such as your kitchen, bathroom, a fire extinguisher or even a bowl of water next to your ritual space. It may not look like much, but you will be surprised at how easily things can combust especially with your ritual supplies, as I have once seen an alter cloth be burned in seconds through not taking precautions myself!

Have a first aid kit near by and a way of contacting the emergency services if need be, you should always consider your safety and wellbeing in these matters before jumping in head first, as preparation and planning prevents poor performance! Make sure your house is fitted with smoke alarms, if you are planning your working outside, make sure you have expressed permission by the land owner or your parents of they own the land. Make sure to take precautions not to let the fire spread to avoid forest fires etc.

Fire Properties


ASSOCIATIONS: Action, transformation, the will, passion, sex, lust , anger, desire, energy, work, purification , destruction, strength, protection

QUALITIES: hot, dry, light, active, transformative

GENDER: masculine, projective


COLORS: red, orange, gold, yellow

GODDESSES: Hestia/Vesta, Pele, Brigid, Sekhmet

GODS: Thor, Ra, Hephaestus/Vulcan, Helios, Agni


ANIMALS: Lion, Tiger, lizards

PLANTS: Thorn, Holly, Oak. Basil, Chili, Cinnamon, Garlic, Juniper, Sunflower, all red & orange flowers

STONES/CRYSTALS: Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Ruby, Tiger's Eye, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Red Calcite, Red Jasper, Rubellite (Red Tourmaline), Sardonyx, Sunstone, Volcanic Black Salt (natural), Red Obsidian

METALS: Brass, Gold, Steel


TAROT: Wands, The Sun, Strength, The Emperor

RUNES: Thurisaz, Kenaz, Naudhiz, Sowilo, Ingwaz

ZODIAC SIGNS: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

PLANETS: Sun, Mars

HOUR: Noon

DAY(S): Sunday, Tuesday

SEASON: Summer

LIFE CYCLE: Youth and adolescence

ALCHEMICAL SYMBOL: upward pointing triangle

QABALISTIC SEPHIROT: Netzach/Victory, Geburah/Judgment, Chokmah/Wisdom

MAGICAL TOOLS: Athame, Sword, Staff, Candle, Flame, Scourge

CHAKRA(S): Solar Plexus

TYPES OF MAGIC: Banishing, all types of candle magic, all spells involving fire, transformation, exorcism, purification, tantra, sex, empowering, protection, success

POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Energetic, enthusiastic, courageous, daring, faithful, expressive, creative, ambitious

NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Stubborn, greedy, jealous, angry, resentful, self-righteous, impulsive, reckless

OVERBALANCE: Dominating, egotistical, violent

UNDER BALANCE: Apathy, boredom, feelings of inferiority, laziness, lack of energy


Candle Magic Basics

Always start with a new, unburned candle. If you wish, you may clear energies out of your candle beforehand (resting it in a dish of salt will suffice)

Timing : use the phases of the moon to add power to your spell

New Moon & Waxing Moon: new beginnings, building anything Full Moon: greatest time of power, all magical goals Waning Moon & Dark Moon: banishing, breaking habits, getting rid of things Size : Larger candles will likely burn longer, if you are working a large and complex spell a longer-burning candle may be better suited to your needs than a faster-burning tea light candle.

Shape : candles are available in a wide variety of shapes, like lovers, hearts, a man or woman, cats, crosses, ankhs, and even fantasy shapes like dragons. (One tip: shop at places like TK Maxx for interesting and large candles, they always have a selection and they are usually seasonally-appropriate too)

Colors : ultimately, white can be used for anything and everything, but you can make your spell more focused and powerful by tying the color of your candle in to the intent of your spell.

Pink: love, affection, flirtation, love, heart energy

Red: sex, health, strength, courage, Fire, 1stchakra

Orange: career, ambition, will-power, strength, health, Fire, 2ndchakra

Yellow: intellect, imagination, visualization, memory, creativity, Air, 3rdchakra

Green: health, prosperity, fertility, abundance, good luck, Earth, 4thchakra

Blue: intuition, spirituality, protection, communication, Water, 5thchakra

Purple: psychic abilities, spirituality, material wealth, 6thchakra

White: peace, spirituality, new beginnings, Spirit, 7thchakra

Gold: sun, Spirit, masculine, 7thchakra

Silver: moon, clairvoyance, astral travel, Spirit, feminine, 7thchakra

Black: banishing, protection, breaking curses/jinxes, shapeshifting

Anoint with symbols

Symbols: using magical symbols adds power & focus to your magic. This step begins to create a psychic link between you, the candle, and the desired effect.

Ankh: breath of life, long life, eternal life, blessings in the afterlife Eye of Horus: protection from harm, safe travel, blessing (aka eye of Ra, wadjet)

(Side note, this symbol evolved into the Rx symbol for prescriptions thanks to medieval alchemists)

Witches Runes: evolved from the Alchemical symbols and alphabets, symbols for the elements, moon phases, zodiac signs, etc

Writing: if you are intimidated or uninspired with symbols, you can write names or dates or whatever you like on your candle Create your own sigil or symbol using a combination of letters, numbers, and established magical symbols/runes

Anoint with oil

Focus on the end result of your spell, fill yourself with that goal, and coat your candle with oil. Imagine you are putting that goal into your candle at this time. Choose an essential oil as natural or organic as possible There is a huge variety of essential oils on the market, research your oils thoroughly to be sure they are safe for use on the skin. Never ingest essential oils. Be aware that even lovely oils might smell foul when burned. Research oils for your target spell online or in books

Burn your candle! Leave it burning until it goes out on its own. When it goes out your spell is done. Put it out of your mind and let it do its work out in the universe, dont call the energy back to you by dwelling on it. Common uses for candle magic: house blessings and clearings, luck, money-drawing. Anna Riva candles are the ready-made version of candle magic.

Theyve combined all the colors, oils, and magical work into one product where you only need to charge it with your intention and light it. In my opinion though, youre always better off making something with your own hands; it adds power, clarity, and purpose.

Candles and Past Lives

This exercise involves two people. Use a tall candle, one that is drip less, or a wide candle on a saucer-like holder. An audio / video tape recorder can be used to record messages given. Sit across from the other person. The lotus position is often best as you need to be face to face. If this position is too difficult, sit on two chairs facing each other. One person is to hold the candle to the side and front of their face, you will easily determine the distance once you begin. You must try to not blink to often and remain as still as you can.

There is a tendency, when the other person tells you what they see, to respond emotionally or physically, talk or laugh. The person not holding the candle will now relax, wait, and soon see your facial features change. When they change, that person my have a message for you about who they are seeing and anything related to that person, thoughts that enter their minds.

Ex. I look at you and see you turn into a man who I describe. As you transform to another of your soul aspects, I many think of a name, such as John. I may think of other things about him. I may see someone standing next to you in the room.

After a while, you will see the person change again and again depending on how long the person can sit still without much flinching. It is now your turn to hold the candle and allow the other person to view you. This is very easy, as everyone changes.

You can also do this yourself by standing in front of a mirror, in a dark room, the candle on the side of your face, then watch yourself shift. You are returning to the source of creation, the light and seeing other aspects of your soul experience.

Talk to that person in your mind, as they have come to you now, through the spiral of time for a reason. tell them to clear their issues, that you seek soul union and something is blocking you here. With any of these exercises, you feel discomfort, please stop. Something is resisting physically and emotionally. You can always try again at a later date. There is no time frame for this. You know when you are complete for that session.

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Mar 28, 2023
What is the best way to charge a candle for intended use? I have been using candle magic, but feel as if not enough energy is being put into the candle.

Mar 28, 2023
Personally, I anoint the candle with an oil associated with my intent. For example, if I were doing a protection candle ritual, I would use sandalwood or dragon's blood oil. As I rubbed the oil into the candle, I would focus on what I wanted to candle ritual/spell to do and say a small statement of affirmation as I did so.

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