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Random information about becoming a real Vamp.

Facts on Becoming a Vampyre Part 1

This is an interesting topic that many seem to argue over. One of the most common theories is that Vampyrisim is an affliction of the soul that one is born with. Some open minded Vampyres seem to acknowledge that it may be possible to become one, though they have not discovered the method as of this time and have debunked previously held methods of turning another into a Vampyre (I must agree with this theory, but I believe it should be analyzed from a different perspectives).

Some appear to argue over whether the PSY/PSI Vampyre is a true Vampyre and insist the only true Vampyre is the Sang. Some often in the atheistic community believe Vampyres to be more of the drama queans we call them today that will incite conflict and feed off it. Others still, view Vampyrisim as more of a spiritual path followed by people that would be considered Vampyres (just as those practicing the wolf path could be considered a Werewolf, which again is also seen as a spiritual affliction.) In addition, others (often found in the OtherKin community) view it as a person that is spiritually connected with Vampyres, although the blood sucking or sparkly TV ones usually don?t count in this theory, even though some seem to want to make the connection. For the sake of this article, we shall consider the latter ignorant or fluffy

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