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Jan 06, 2019
Well, it can't change you into something you are not. If you were born human, you will most likely stay human, and likewise to any other race.

Jan 06, 2019
We are all human on this planet.

Feb 26, 2019
Misconceptions a you are human. B a vampire is somone with preditors nature usually marked by pangs on there top teath. And c a where wolf has a diffrent preditors nature not always as defined by dog instincts. But there pangs are on there bottom teath c boath are human. And can be killed. Yata yata yata there just preditors humans. They are marked by pangs or sharp bottom k 9s

Mar 28, 2019
If you're referring to psi vampires yes, physical blood sucking vampires [no matter how cultured] do not physically exist. Same goes for werewolves and anything else you're claiming are physically real. You were born human and in this lifetime you will be human.

Sep 13, 2019
Well, I was born a vampire, werewolf, and demon so I want to get rid of the demon part.

Sep 13, 2019
Roleplaying is against site rules

Oct 12, 2019
However you can be possessed by a demon or Angel"you have to invite them in", but I have encountered personally a demonic entity that tried to force his way into my body while I was astral traveling out of my body. When I noticed him trying to sever my cord that bound me to my body I rushed back in and as I awoke I was paralysed and couldn't move any limbs or speak. I struggled and fought him out. As I began to be able to see and move my neck I saw with my own eyes a swirl of black smoke swirling above my chest like a mini black tornado. I am telling the Reith this actually happened to me and if it be false let me receive 3 times 3 back to me what punishment the universe sees fit to give me.

Oct 12, 2019
Its Truth not Reith.I hit some stupid auto suggestion. Oh and it took a few minutes for the black smoke to dissipate and vanish.

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