Introduction to Astral Travel and Astral Projection

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Introduction to Astral Travel, and difference between astral travel and astral projection.

Introduction to Astral travel and Astral Projection
Firstly I would like to make it very clear that Astral Travel and Astral Projection are 2 different things. They are linked to each other, but they are NOT the same. Never throw them into the same boat, because what seems to be a simple error, can create an endless amount of trouble for a newbie, or just confuse the living daylights out of someone else. Below I will explain what Astral Travel is, and then briefly look at how Astral travel can be achieved.
This article will not explain Astral travel and all the methods a a whole, because there are millions of articles on this site which already explain it. Instead of trying to repeat what others have said, I will merely try to clarify some things.
Some definitions or explanations:
Astral Travel: Traveling in the Astral Plane
Astral Plane: The realm/plane where we are limitless. Here we can do just about anything. We also go there to meet our inner selves or other enlightened beings for advice or whatever other purpose.
Astral projection: A method of Astral Traveling.
Lucid Dreaming: A dream where we know that we are dreaming, and thus have complete access to our subconscious minds, and can do what we want. (A method of Astral Traveling.)
OBE: Out-of-Body-Experience(A method of Astral Traveling.)
Astral Travel:
Astral travel is natural, in fact most of us do it when we are asleep, but completely unaware of it. It is not to be feared. If it were I doubt it would be available for people of all ages to practice.
Astral Travel basically means what it says. It is to temporarily leave the Physical Body/realm by either Lucid dreaming/OBE/Astral Projection. We mostly make use of Astral travel, because in the Physical Realm there are limitations, E.g. We can't fly, unless we are in an airplane. We can't control what happens at any given moment. We can't do or go where we want.
However, in the Astral plane we are the most "ultimate" beings we can possibly be. We can fly, we can shape shift(Subtle bodies is the umbrella term for shape shifting or changing form in the Astral Plane), we can do whatever our hearts desire. We can go there for guidance from our Ancestors or from other enlightened beings. And it is a lot of fun!
Astral Projection is a method of getting to the Astral Plane. It is most commonly achieved through extensive periods of meditation and practice. We have all seen pictures of diagrams of a person laying down, and another "copy" of them floating in the air, with a silver cord attached at their belly buttons, to ensure that the physical and spiritual bodies are connected. Our spirits basically leave the body at the navel area. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be through the navel area. Some people's spirits leave through the heart or the mind.
This will be all for this article. I hope I clarified some things, and I hope you guys liked it. Blessed Be!

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