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This article will explain what my thoughts on what magic is and how I see it. I understand there are other views. This is mine. I am new to this But I have done some studying.

Magic is science. A different form of science. A science modern day people don't understand. Almost like Quantum physics. The similarities are there. Just hard to find if you don't know what you looking for. See, As scientist find more and more Particles and look deeper into matter. They begin to see different electric charges. One for each purpose. A direction if you will. And this "direction" Will continue to complete the task that it was made to do.

Magic has two types of energy. Or as far as I know.Universal and your own energy. Your own energy is limited and can hurt you if you lose to much of it. Universal energy you can absorb and use at your own will. But if you treat the energy badly, then you will only be able to use your own energy.

The More you practice with magic,your pool of energy get bigger a microscopic little bit more. Start small,eventually, your energy with seem limitless, but it won't be. No matter what you do.

Also the more powerful the spell, and how long the spell is held for will decrease your energy faster. Don't understand? Ok. Heres an example.

Lets say you're running a race. And you sprint so hard you pull a muscle. Thats because you pushed so hard you hurt your self. Or you deplete all your energy by running and you literally have no more. Thats what happens when you use to much of your own energy. You will feel sick and have no energy whatsoever.

Now, I understand that most beginners what to cast fire or something of the sort.The 4 elements are not something to be meddled with. These spells can harm (Like most spells) and do great damage.(Like most spells) The 4 elements as you might already know are Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Fire representing Light or harm, can be a friend or foe. Like most spells, use fire at your own risk.

Water, representing flow of energy or emotion, power and destruction,once again can be friend or foe. Earth representing solidarity and roughness,can also be soft and secure. Yet hard. Air representing movement and speed,can be harmful if there is too much. YOU CAN'T CONTROL THE ELEMENTS!

Only work with them. You can call on the spirits to help you with working with the element. But you can never control them. Also elemental magick is one of the

less commonly used magick outside of rituals. Usually in the beginning of a ritual, the 4 elements are called upon and called into the circle for their blessings and protection of the caster. Or used in prayers of such.

However, outside the circle elemental magick can be used by invoking the essential energy of the elements for their specific magicks. Lets say you needed to cool down on a hot day. You could pray to the wind element to give a breeze to cool you off. I hope this helps. But just as a reminder that I am a newbie. This is my understanding of some of what magic is.

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