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Hi my names Jacobcarter (JC for short.) I'm 17 years old. I know I've been rather inconsistent in my appearance on this site and I apologize for that, I'm not going to Make a commitment to this site but I will be on every now and then, it just always busy and that's just the way it is right now.
I'm a black in Goju Ryu karate. I'm a Warrant Officer in the 2814 Hamilton service battalion royal army cadets cadet core, platoon warrant for Bravo platoon and Acting Regimental Sargent major (RSM)
Some of the types of magic id like to learn are (in order):
- Energy Manipulation
- Herbalism ( in other words make and/or find a master list)
- Healing
- Protection (self and projected)
- (Mental Magic)
- Elemental Magic
- Darker arts and understanding
- Alchemy
- Divination
Just to name a few. That being said ill probably end bouncing through different covens for extended periods of time to learn and understand.
Anyway thanks for reading, May luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune, peace live in your heart, may good fortune rule over you, and may the stars watch over you. Blessed be and merry met everyone. :)