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A beginner's guide to grounding and centering.


When you ground yourself you are either shedding your excess energy or replenishing yourself to balance your energy levels. Grounding helps to prevent the body from becoming too tired or energetic and can replenish your energy after doing spiritual work or magick.


As with meditation, you can do this with or without people, or noise around you. Grounding is useful when you need to replenish lost energy, release excess energy, do an "energy oil change," or to balance your energy levels. But no matter which method you use, eating natural things such as fruits and vegetables for an hour after grounding will help finalize the process. To begin, follow the steps below:

  1. To start, sit with your legs crossed sitting up straight. Relax your body and place your palms on your knees. Close your eyes, and slow your breathing. Take deep, long breaths, in and out.
  2. When you have been calmed, visualize you are a tree; sending roots from your feet deep down into the Earth and transforming your arms into long branches. Your hands become the leaves.
  3. Release all your negative thoughts, worries, and old/excess energy. Push them down your roots, into the molten core of the Earth where they can be recycled and renewed.
  4. Once you have completed that, gather energy through your leaves, and feel positive vibrations coursing through your trunk, and into your mind, body and spirit, balancing your energy. Continue to push the negative energy down through your roots; the energy system is a never-ending cycle.
  5. Feel the power circulate in your blood stream and visualizing the power collecting into a bright ball of pure energy at your heart. Bathe and relax in the beauty of the natural energy, before slowly opening your eyes.


Centering allows someone to centralize his or her power someplace inside the body. This is beneficial because when casting a spell, you will be able to access 1 center of power instead of your power being spread across your body. Most people center themselves in the navel and I suggest that for now you do as well, but when you are more advanced you can put your center of power anywhere you wish. To begin, follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by lying down and calming yourself; close your eyes and relax.
  2. Next, visualize a black silhouette of your body with your energy as millions of glowing atoms bouncing around, lighting up your body.
  3. Slowly start collecting the balls of light into one giant ball at your navel. Visualize the smaller balls of light being sucked into the bigger ball like a vacuum.
  4. Once all of the small balls of light are gone, turn the larger ball into a solid, glowing, sphere. At this point, unless you want to do anything further, slowly open your eyes and enjoy your newly centered energy.

Suggested Assignment

I would suggest you do the grounding and centering exercises at least weekly, as it will offer many benefits in your life. Try doing the exercises before you next big test or work deadline, and hopefully youll be able to be more balanced and calm when tackling the problem.


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