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Name: witchyWand
Location: neverland
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 20 May 2019
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alright, so i've been practicing magic for 3-4 years now? but i haven't come really far XD so i guess i'm that awkward person that sends emails to other members to ask for their help XD and something about myself. i guess i like kat's and dogs equally. and my hobbies include, reading, writing, spell casing, drawing, and painting. i dislike... nothing actually. i'm very open to others opinion and i don't judge others for anything. :) ps i'm serious about magic and am not searching for a relation ship. so stop asking and go to a dating site please. *MY DREAM IS TO BECOME A GOD* i am currently working on these types of magic -chakra's -sigil magic. -spell's ******** soon to be more anyway magic and things i want to do--> -immortality spell -astral projection -see spirits -go to different worlds -become a god -demon sigil magic -voodoo ^^^his list will only grow with time...