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Explaining faerie myths, history, types, and basic practice if you wish to work with faeries.

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Apr 13, 2020
''In exchange for a baby once a year to eat'' What exactly does this mean?.....

Apr 13, 2020
It's the mythology surrounding kitchen faeries [which I noticed a typo, they live inside pots, not love inside pots lol] In their mythology, they will do all your cleaning in exchange for a baby to eat annually, but you can trick them because they're terrible at telling time. It is said they will become vengeful if they catch you in this lie though. I've never worked with kitchen faeries, so I wouldn't know what they're like, but there's plenty of tales of faeries stealing children, but there's other offering s to choose from, so if you summon kitchen faeries, I'm sure you could exchange something else. [plus, I doubt they'd keep your house perfectly clean and you'll never have to clean again as the legends claim]

Apr 13, 2020
I have a brownie in my home. They are also known as house spirits or house Fae. They do minor tidying. For example, my house does not need to be dusted more than once a month, or I will notice papers I left scattered on my desk before bed will be piled neatly the next day. My wife and I also deal with the occasional missing object that appears in strange places. But that is normal when you live with the Fae. I leave a bowl of cream or milk out for them as thanks every day. I will also leave sweet tea, but that is normally for other fairys and not specifically my house Fae. The Fae I live with also enjoy sugar cookies with that coloured sugar on top. Regarding kitchen fairys, I read a book once that included them. Kitchen Fae seem rather similar to brownies, but while brownies live around the hearth and watch over the home, kitchen fairys live exclusively in the kitchen and can be rather large in numbers. While easily tricked, they can become vengeful. Place a little water in each pot will make them leave. Also, all fairys are weak to iron, if you place some iron in the area, it will get rid of them right away.

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