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Name: SeaSyren
Birthday: Apr 6 2000
Location: United States
Gender: Female
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Here is a little bit about me. If you would like to know more, need to talk about something, or have a question, do not hesitate to mail me! I will respond as soon as I can. I love to meet new people and love to make friends!I will check on this site just about every day! :)



HAIR COLOR: Brown with blonde natural highlights

FAVORITE ANIMAL(S): Cats, Dogs, Horses, Rabbits

LIKE: Animals, Astronomy, crafts/DIYs,coding, horror, scy-fi, Halloween, video games, motorcycles, binge-watching, learning new things

DISLIKES: Bullying (in any way), abuse, lairs (trust is earned), dishonesty, people being who they aren't, promise breakers, being ignored

FAVORITE COLOR(s) : Pink, Purple, Black, and Red.


FAVORITE SEASON(S): Spring and summer, (sometimes winter for certain reasons) (I actually kinda like all seasons for certain reasons.)


~I am the kind of person that is happy and joyful. I am very emotional mostly because I have a big heart for animals and everyone that I care about.

~ I love to meet new people so do not hesitate to contact me!

~ I love the night because I enjoy stargazing quite oftenand stare into the empty and infinite night sky.

~I love to play games, listen to music, and watch movies/shows.

~~Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you have a great day! <3 :)


"Looking for spells when you haven't studied Witchcraft is like looking for sheet music when you haven't learned how to play an instrument yet."