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Name: Malavi
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~If you want to see my crystals, there are pictures of everything in my collection under the "Photos" tab~

Hey, I'm Malavi. I am a budding witch who is very, very new to wicca. I have been practicing with meditation and crystals for only a few months now. My hope on this website is to meet others who may be able to help me learn more about crystals and how to properly care for and use them. Crystals are my passion, really. I own a small collection, but I love them dearly and I hope that I can use them to help me for a long time. I have a basic understanding of the value of crystals and the benefits they bring to one's mental, spiritual, and emotional self and I want to keep practicing with them until I can fully harness the energy that crystals can give.

I have never cast a spell before. I love going around on the website to view spells that I may potentially be able to do, but I have rarely put any of them into practice. About a year or two ago I tried a few random spells, but I believe that they may have been joke or fake spells, so I have never truly casted anything. I do hope that one day I can cast something, but for now I have barely any magical equipment or knowledge. Seriously, I don't even have candles. But crystals make perfect sense to me, and they have been one of the strongest tools I have ever possessed. If I ever do cast a spell, I want it to be with crystals.

My inbox is always open, but like I said, I'm very inexperienced. I am completely open to anyone's advice about crystals, meditation, chakras, and spellcasting, but please don't come to me looking for advice. I may be able to help if you're new with crystals like me, but I am not joking when I say that I'm such a newbie to this all. You can come message me about anything, as long as it is appropriate of course.