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These rituals and articles have been added by the Coven of Divine Essence. Questions or comments regarding anything on these pages should be directed toward them.

To add an article to this book you must be level Council or above in Divine Essence.

  • Around the Site
    A users guide to Spellsofmagic to help those who are new and confused. More will be added as questions arise.
  • About Spells (members only)
    This is some information on spells.
  • Alchemy (members only)
    Alchemy has a lot of science in which involves with this. Alchemy is actually an old practice, but not that old.
  • Amulets and Talismans (members only)
    This is a small summary on amulets, talismans, cleansing/charging them, bless them, and give them your thanks.
  • Angelic Circle Casting (members only)
    Call upon the angels to protect your circle.
  • Astral Projection (members only)
    This is an article on Astral Projection, this was copied from as site, the link is on the bottom of this article.
  • Basic Solitary Circle Casting (members only)
    Calling forth the Watchtowers for protection.
  • Book Suggestions (members only)
    This is a list of books that you are encouraged to read. Good idea to check the list monthly, as it will always be added to.
  • Candle Color Summary (members only)
    A list of candle colors with which they represent.
  • Cast a Fairy Circle (members only)
    To cast a circle with the assistance of the Fae folk.
  • Casting a Circle
    Simple watchtower ritual.
  • Casting a Green Circle (members only)
    How to cast a Green Circle in Japanese Witchcraft.
  • Casting circle call of the Dragons (members only)
    Circle opening and closing when wanting to work with the energies of the dragons.
  • Centering (members only)
    Written by Sandra. Centering and grounding, how to perform these simple exercises.
  • Connecting Energy (members only)
    When you raise energy to heal or send out energy for a particular thing.
  • Divination (members only)
    Some basic information and techniques.
  • Divination: Water Scrying (members only)
    Most written by Sempiterna. brief explanation of devination, as well as a few examples and a recipe for Nyx Holy Water.
  • Divine Essence Articles and Spells (members only)
    This is an article regarding our rules usage on Articles and Spells for our coven.
  • Divine Essence Incense (members only)
    An incense created by the coven in 2015
  • Dragons (members only)
    An article discussing frequent questions about the astral beings known as Dragons.
  • Facts About Divination (members only)
    Definitions, beginners information, and facts on divination
  • Faeries and Fae Magick (members only)
    Explaining faerie myths, history, types, and basic practice if you wish to work with faeries.
  • Fire Fairy Milk (members only)
    A sweet spicy treat for Beltane.
  • Godai Elements and Wu Xing (members only)
    Speaks of the Japanese philosophy as well as Chinese elements and Yin-Yang.
  • Holidays (members only)
    The holidays most Pagans celebrate, and what they mean. I live in the Northern hemisphere, so that's the one i'll use, if you're in the south, reverse it. Instead of Yule it would be Litha for instance.
  • How Do We Know Some Things Are Possible
    Just a basic answer and an explanation why. How do we know some things are possible and some aren't?
  • How is Kemetic Orthodox (or Orthodoxy) (members only)
    This was borrowed from http://www.kemet.org/node/584. Please know the Kemetic Religion is actually is an Ancient Egyptian. Kemetic meaning "of Kemet" and Orthodox "A sect conforming to establish a doctrine".
  • How to Cast a Circle (members only)
    Keep in mind there are many different types so find the one best suited to you.
  • How to Meditate (members only)
    A basic guide to what meditation is and how to begin.
  • Imbolc (members only)
    History and celebration of Imbolc.
  • Instruction Guide for Beginners! (members only)
    This is a guide for new members of Spells of Magic. This will help you also with Divine Essence.
  • Introduction to Runes (members only)
    This was borrowed from http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/intro.html
  • Invocation of the Draconic Guardians (members only)
    This ritual is designed to give the user guidance when they need it. Written by Silverdsd.
  • Kemetic Healing (members only)
    Written by Kebs. A general overview of the topic. Certain terms are used throughout the article, definitions are included at the end.
  • Kemetic Othodoxy (members only)
    This is a modern day practice of the religious traditions of Ancient Egypt. This is known to its people as Kemet.
  • Magick, Energy, and Color. (members only)
    This is a short summary on how color magick can be described and how it is energy. NOTE: This article is not suppose to go against someone's belief!
  • Meditation and Visualization (members only)
    Written by Grg.Legend. meditation and visualization techniques.
  • Mercury Retrograde (members only)
    quick explanation of what Mercury Retrograde is and what to expect.
  • Moon Phases and Days for Spells (members only)
    written by Kiva. Definitions of days of the week and moon phases correspondences to help in spellwork.
  • Natron (members only)
    Written by Kebs. Explains what Natron is, it's uses, and how to make it.
  • New Years Remembrance Ritual (members only)
    A ritual to welcome the New Year while honouring the past.
  • Norse Pantheons (members only)
    This thread was made by LokisDottir (Personified for no confusion). I got permission from her to make this an article.
  • Oracle Cards (members only)
    Brief history and explanation on oracle cards.
  • Ouija Board (members only)
    History, uses, and misconceptions about talking Boards.
  • Our Paths (members only)
    Divine Essence allows people of different paths to Apply to our coven. The following is a brief list.
  • Palmistry (members only)
    Written by autumnfae. Introduction to Palmistry as well as basic interpretations.
  • Potions (members only)
    This Article is about potions in varieties and in specification
  • Program a Crystal (members only)
    A way to put your intentions into a crystal that will be of assistance to you later.
  • Reiki (members only)
    A very brief explanation and history of this healing technique. Further information will be added once known.
  • Relaxation Techniques (members only)
    Written by autumnfae, basics ways to meditate, relax, and release stress as well as tension.
  • Ritual Tools (members only)
    A list of common tools used in magic and in rituals.
  • Shadow Beings/People (members only)
    Definition on the different types of Shadow Beings and the different theories behind them.
  • Simple Opening Chakra Meditation (members only)
    A basic and easy chakra meditation to open,clear and energize your chakras.
  • Simple power animal meditation (members only)
    A meditation that helps a person find their power animal.
  • Spell Casting (members only)
    Spell Casting is a subject that is always discussed. Not everyone is ready, but when you are, I hope this guide will help you.
  • Spell Defence (members only)
    Originally posted By: Mason_Ament
  • Tarot Cards
    Brief history, techniques, uses and views dealing with Tarot Cards.
  • The God and the Goddess (members only)
    Written from a Wiccan view, but can be adopted by those who follow the God and Goddess, an explanation on who they are, and how to grow closer with them.
  • The Self-Dedication Rite (members only)
    A dedication ritual to the Lord and Lady.
  • The Tree Of Life (members only)
    Simple tree of life meditation when wanting to connect with Mother Earth.
  • The Voice of the Dragons (members only)
    This Article is all about introducing you to how a dragon speaks; The vocal pronunciation of the language of the dragons.
  • Types of magick (members only)
    Different Types of Magick Please feel free to add to it just dont delete from it
  • Voodoo and Hoodoo (members only)
    Written by Kiva. basic information, definition, and history of these religions.
  • What You Need (members only)
    This is for those of you that are new to the craft and wonder which items are needed or not.
  • What is Magick? (members only)
    This article is about magick, what is magick, how does it work. Reminder: This is only my interpretation on magick.
  • Wicca (members only)
    The history, practices, and branches of the new age religion.
  • Writing Spells (members only)
    Simple introduction to writing spells.
  • Yule (members only)
    History and celebrations of Yule.

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