Evoking the Elements

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A simple ritual to evoke the elements.

What is Needed:

  1. Five candles of any color that you so chose to represent the elements.
  2. Bowls for the elements.
  3. Matches or a Lighter
  4. Bottles or some kind of container for the below ingredients
  5. Five Incenses (This is to represent air.)
  6. Dirt or sand (To represent earth.)
  7. Plates or something to place the incense and candles on.
  8. Incense holder (Or something that can hold up to the use of incense)






To start this ritual, a bath or shower to cleanse yourself would be helpful, but is not needed. (This is to help you relax into a calming state and to remove the junk of the day out of your system to help you focus.) You can also do a simple meditation before doing this as well. Both work, personal choice. 

After finished with centering yourself, set up the ritual in a circle. Make sure there is enough room so that you have a space to sit at. 

Place the candles in the bowls, on the plates you've chosen to use,  at the "corners" of the circle. The fifth bowl will rest on the plate in the center of the circle. 

Take the incense of your choice place them in their holder and put one on each of the plates. Take the dirt and dump it around the circle. (Not on your ingredients.) After finishing this pour some of the water in the bowls. Do not flood the candles or they will not light. 

Place the containers that held the water and dirt/sand next to the plate in the center of the circle. Light the incense and then the candles. Sit in the center of the circle before the plate. Close your eyes and place yourself in a meditative state. 

Feel the elements around you, ask for them to come. The elements are within you. Feel them connect with the one's within and out. Once you feel satisfied with this blow the candles out from the opposite direction that you lit them. Snuff out the incense and clean up your area.

Clean your materials up and then take another shower. You should feel refreshed. 



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