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Big inconsistency regarding me being on here

Hello everyone,

welcome to my bio, I'd appreciate if you'd go through it. Perhaps it will help you.
Hit me up if you'd like, I can also help you with magick.

I have quite a history regarding it, mostly theoretical and not practical like most here I'd bet. I haven't done much in the years I've known about it but I'd like to put my knowledge into work finally, but I think I'll need to require more knowledge (and less laziness)for it.

The thing that I've definitely learned over the years is what magick is capable of and what magick can't, thus me easily seeing what is proper magick and what is fantasy.

I am not a big believer in paths. If you need or need to do something you just go for it, your choice if you put tradition in it, though I believe you got a name for that too: 'Chaos Magick'.

The important thing in Magick is what the goal you have with it. Ask yourself that first before you start this journey and ask yourself really hard before you find yourself wandering with no real purpose and just picking information here and there .

There are also two things to watch out of for when practicing:

  • Your sanity

Sometimes when practicing Magick you may start communicating with spirits. You have to know when these are real and when it's your inner monologue and so forth.

  • Lunatics

I've experienced enough that there are people who claim to be this and that. Be careful around those.

In short keep a clear and critical mind or else you'll likely fall into a negative spiral while in your practices over time.

Also try to preferably work as much as you can with your own experiences and use someone else's the least you can.

Don't let this make you afraid of the art, I'd suggest everyone to at least try or delve into it at least once, just be wary, critical and safe with it (duh).