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In the quest to become more psychic, the need to find some sort of oracle to help you connect with 'the other side' usually comes to one's mind

Many people prefer to use cards, or something like that. For those that have problems remembering the meanings of the Tarot, or the Tarot 'spreads' I have suggested you get yourself a deck of regular playing cards and use them instead

First find a deck / decks that you are comfortable with

The design back of the cards shouldn't matter. There are actually companies that sell blank cards and can create images for you on the back and the front of the cards

Now decided if the images on the playing cards themselves connect for you or if you want to write a message on each card you chose.

The topics to be covered should include:

Marital Partner: Live in Partner
Soul Mates
Family relationships
Job: Promotion, Boss, Co-workers, changes, with travel,
Business - owned -- partners
Money: Earned, Win, Borrow, Investment, Gift, Settlement
Legal matters: Businesss, divorce, incarceration, property, school, inheritance, suing someone
Health: Illness, Accident, Minor, major, Surgery, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual
Healing issues
New Home / Buy / Rent
Spiritual growth
Spirit Guides
Past life: Past life connected to present life
Karmic Debt
Letting go
Moving forward
A fork in the road
A Bump in the road (as in timelines)
Completion / ending
Physical Death
An epithany
Metaphysical growth and direction

The answer can be attained on the physical plane: Higher Realms
Within your control: Card reversed: not in your control
Time references: Years ie. 1999, 2000, etc. -- Months--Seasons--In 6 months--in 3 months--Never
Astrological signs
Emotions: ei. disappointment, anger, love, confusion
A learning lesson: emotional or academic
Education: Formal or training for a job
Travel: Long trip, short tip Trips for fun, business, to change your destiny
Unexpected surprise: Money, person, other
Communications: phone, mail, email, computer, other: Postitive / negative
Be creative: Create your own words
On each card select a message and write it down. You can have the positive and negative aspects of the message written: one facing in one direction, and one in the other.

You might want to use the 'people images' to represent actual people - such as a King could represent an oplder man or a distinguished man, King of hearts - older man of the heart, etc. so you do not have to write on those cards. A quenn, in may line of work, can have some real interesting interpretations!! I use picture cards from 3 decks. Heart cards tell me the person is in the heart space. Cards with darker images, such as the Queen of spades usually tell me - a dark haired woman.

You can relate your cards to their numerological value: ie. an 8 could mean a job or career card.

You can use more than one deck. Sometimes it is best to use cards with not too many images on the so you can see what you wrote more easily: such as an Ace which leaves lots of room on the card.

You can use your cards in any manner that seems comfortable to you. In truth there is no exact spread that is accurate.

Using Your Cards
This all comes with trial and error and lots of practice

Have the person you are reading shuffle the cards. There is no amount of times that is correct. Some people like to have the places in two or more piles after they are shuffled.

The person does not have to make a wish when shuffling, unless desired.

Ask your guides - or theirs - to assist with the reading.

Spread the cards on the table in any pattern you chose:

Follow a tarot spread
Place them one by one laying them over each other with no pattern
Place the cards in a pyramid effect as you turn them over
Chose a specific number of cards - such as 12 - and take them from the top turning them as you are guided.
Close your eyes. Hold the card in your hand get a message. Now relate it to the information on the card.
Get a message then turn over the next card without seeing it Always use as many cards as you feel guided or as time allows for the reading.

Ask the person you are reading for questions and relate the answers to the next card.

Close your eyes if you want to see the images more clearly.

Soon you will learn to see without closing your eyes.

Always remember: Accept the first answer to the question and do not ask again until you get the desired answer.

You can start with easy questions, then ask the guides for more information on what you have received.

Listen and look for names, dates, places, anything specific

Learn to trust what you hear, see and sense..

You can keep your cards in a special case, fabric, drawer, etc

It is best not to allow others to use or play with your cards.

During a reading - only you and the person you are reading - should touch the cards.

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