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Why do we have familiars, and what they do.

I get asked this a lot, what is a familiar and how do I get one? I'm writing this in my own words and from my own view point so its not from a book.
The first and most common type of familiar is one of a pet.
It can be a dog, a cat, a bird, a lizard, a snake, ect.
These type of familiars will help you with your spell casting and can also give you energy if ''they choose to'' to help you when you need an extra boost.
One thing about this type of familiar is you cannot force it to be your familiar. They choose you. So please never force an animal to become your familiar though there are spells on this site that claim just that.
*please* How do you know if your pet is your familiar is you will notice a special bond with the animal.
He/she will be drawn to just you and usually snubs everyone else.
They will also join you when you are casting and lend you their energy.
But please always ask if you may take energy its only correct.
You wouldn't like it if someone just stole your energy.
Now on to spiritual familiars.
These familiars are animals that most would consider wild animals.
They are more our guides. For example mine is a wolf.
How you figure out which of these animals is your familiar is by meditating, thinking of an animal you have always been drawn to, and I do have a spell that will help you find your familiar.
This familiar if you are open to it will give you guidance and help you make decisions.
I hope this little bit of info helps.
I might add to it from time to time and if you have any questions please let me know.


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