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An article on how to create your very own wand.

I have had many people ask me what type of wood to use during the creation of their wands, and how to create them.

Here is my answer to those doubts

First I want to stress that a wand can be made from any wood, but using a specific type of wood that corresponds to your desire would be best. All wands are to be crafted from a living tree unless you are creating a wand for destructive magic, which in this case you should use wood from a dying tree. Never use wood from a dead tree, there is no energy in this wood to be harnessed.

Types of wood that are recommended:

Willow: creativity, fertility and healing

Ash: strength and wisdom

Maple: enchantment

Apple: healing,and love magic

Bocote: divination, wisdom and clearing

Canarywood: strength,and affinity

Cocobolo: strength, and endurance

Lignum Vitae: protection and healing

Oak: endurance, triumph and destruction

Rosewood: love and charms

Tulipwood: love and passion

Walnut: intuition

These are not, by any means, the only woods you can use but they are the woods that have a stronger concentration of magick in them, as I have found.

How to make your wand

Once you have found the tree of your choice to take you wand from, you need to take a piece of the wood that is at least 21 inches (53 cm) or the distance from the end of your middle finger to your elbow. It should also be at least 3/4 of an inch (1.9 cm) thick.

Next you need to wrap it in a black or dark blue cloth and place it where it will not be disturb for 3 days. Do not begin de-barking it before this time has expired. After the wait you can begin de-barking it by using an athame specifically enchanted for this task. Be careful while doing this, soy ou will not remove too much bark/wood.

Once you have taken the bark off the wood, begin shaving the wand from the end to its tip. Use the image of a pool cue as a example as how to shave it. You want a thick base to hold and, remember that the further you shave towards the end, the thinner it will be. Create it to your own liking.

After you have the draft of your wand created, use a piece of sandpaper on it to clear any cut marks out of the wand.

Now that you've finished sanding you can stain, paint or leave it bare. You can also decorate your wand with jewels, stones, or burn your covens name into it using runes. If decorating with metals, never use gold. Most use silver or copper but never gold as it interrupts the flow of magick in this tool. You may also place your magical name on the wand if you like, I place mine on all my tools.

For staves you may also use this guide, keeping in mind that you should let it be as straight as possible.

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