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Original Post:
by: t.whitewitch on Mar 25, 2018

Hi, I am new to this site. I have been searching the web for some time now to find a spell or ritual to break a very powerful generational curse. My fiance is the one who is cursed. Bad things keep happening to him over and over again, and bad things have happened to his mother and aunt for their whole lives. I thought maybe at first it was just a bit of bad luck but I know now that it is definitely a curse. We tried to burn some herbs to get rid of it but then things just became a whole lot worse.

If anyone has any suggestions of what to try first, any spells that work for powerful curses, etc. please let me know!

Also many of the herbs listed in spells are very hard to find. Any ideas as to where I can get them locally? Or will I have to order them offline?

Any and all help is appreciated!