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Original Post:
by: Serina1207 on Mar 10, 2017

Hello. I would like to make a honey jar for attracting back my crush. We used to flirt but things went wrong because he didn't tell me he had a gf and when she found out, he stopped talking to me.
I have some questions before I start.

1.Do I have to let the candle burn until the end each time I have to light a candle? Can I blow the candle? I don't like the idea of using my fingers to do it.

2. Is it a good petition request : desire only me be my boyfriend. Or should I make it even shorter?

3. Do I need to do another honey jar spell to make him talk to me?

4. The only personal concerns I have of him are a business card he gave me and lots of his photos. Are they enough?

5. I could fill it up with lots of my personal concerns. However, my personal concerns and his personal concerns do they have to be balanced in the jar?

6. I have an empty jar that had pickles. I washed it. Is it alright to use it or is it better to use a jar that had something sugary?

7. What are the herbs that I need to use in my case? I want peace after the argument we had, to start talking again, I want him to ask me out and I want him to want me as his girlfriend.

8 I have also bought a candle that is one of those in the glass container and they are for making him come to me. Can I do this spell at the same time?

9. Olive oil good enough as anointing oil?