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Original Post:
by: Szandor on Apr 26, 2018

Okay, so I've been poking around this page for the majority of the day, (it's currently 12:43 am on April 27) and have seen a lot of spells that seem...too easy, as in easy enough that a completely uneducated person could do them, and a couple that are obviously not legitimate such as the "turn into a Pok?mon" one. I have a legitimate concern that about 9/10 people who contribute to this site's spells know absolutely nothing about magick or, like the turning into a Pok?mon one, are just trying to troll people and I feel that spells that seem like trolling attempts should be removed from this site. I honestly wished, as a huge Pok?mon fan, that the turn into a Pok?mon one wasn't fake, but I see huge flaws in the wording. If you were to ask Arceus, the GOD of the Pok?mon world, to turn you into a certain one, you would be in no position to demand anything from him, especially what Ability and moves you'd have. It's like the hardcore Christians say: everything is God's will. Same thing. Everything that happens when dealing with Pok?mon is Arceus' will. See where I'm going with that? So yeah, rant over.