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Original Post:
by: SereneJay on Jan 16, 2017

If you need help getting focused with your work -- you know, motivation, clarity, inspiration ... even solid ideas, plans (even business plans!) -- I recommend asking gnomes for help. They know SO much about the world and the universe, & get stuff done (laziness is not an excuse with them, and they sometimes can even see bad sleep habits as laziness, so make sure you at least acknowledge your issue and really want to change that! C: )
So how do you invite them in for help? Here's a quick and simple way:
1. Call out to any gnomes that are willing to help you, and tell them you really want to change your ways (be genuine), & get some help and guidance with your work (Out loud or in your head).
2. Give them permission to communicate with you telepathically, or any other appropriate way.
3. Show them through some kind of action that you're really trying to make an effort to solve you're own problem, you're just stuck. As long as you make a genuine effort (even if it doesn't go anywhere [the effort can even be as simple as brainstorming] they will still come and help you. Actually, the less of a result you have, the more pity they'll have on you (lol) and they'll want to help, so no worries there, as long as you're genuine).
4. Be patient. Gnomes don't waste their time. It's not even an issue of them not *wanting* to waste their time ... they just won't; so it could take a while before they really believe you're ready to get their help. Gnomes are one of the most difficult types of Faeries to connect with, so keep that in mind, and be as patient and loving with yourself and them as you can! C: <3
Good luck & have fun