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Original Post:
by: User558390 on Aug 24, 2019

My out of body experience:

Okay I will just share one, due to the amount of experiences i have had in my life time. This might be long, as i didn't write the experience out before typing it up.

6 years old.

I was 6 years old, i have been dealing with a chronic illness that was located in my lungs. I was asleep, and on bed rest for many days then. I remember sitting up and walking out of the bedroom, i looked back and seen myself curled up and sleeping.i kept walking until i looked down to check my clothes, i didn't see anything, i was nude but seen no skin just blank. I thought it was weird until i lifted off of the ground slightly. (to mention, i did not feel the carpet like i did before) I didn't need to breathe, or blink which i thought was weird too. I went outside, to see the neighborhood kids playing in the snow. i looked up and it was sunny. I was immediately thrown back into my body, like a major pulling force. when i got back in and woke up, my body jerked.

Did any of you have an out of body experience?