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Original Post:
by: Aerce7 on Feb 13, 2017

Hello all! For starters i just wanted to request any advice that can be given regarding my situation.

I haven't talked about this much yet because i didn't think much of it at first, but for the last two days i have woken up half asleep seeing a brightish green on some part of the window and computerized numbers all over it. The first time this happened i had finished a dj/type of request at this "haunted" building i am familiar with, and immediately afterwards i had gone to the hospital over a situation with my arm that has been bothering me for months. When i came back i saw some t.v. then fell asleep.
The dream was a realistic and vivid one about my family in a hotel type of place and while we had the balcony screen door open, we saw what appeared to be a UFO flying in first a circle pattern then an infinity sign. Afterwards it came closer and as we were entering the room my brother -who has a slight mental condition- went running to the screen door saying they weren't finished yet, and this triggered a thunder noise and he was gone. At the same time my family was asleep or something around me not moving and while i was mentally yelling at my brother for being stupid and trying to slowly move because my body felt heavy(like sleep paralysis but easier to move) i heard the thunder noise again, though to myself "me too?" and 'teleported' then everything was dark and i woke up like i would from a nightmare.

BUT the moment i woke up, after composing myself to go back to bed, i noticed my window shades were glowing green and there were computer-style numbers all over them - not overlapping onto the walls just completely on the shades. I forget what i was thinking back then but i do remember being surprised, wondering if it had something to do with my abduction dream, then going to bed haha. Next morning i shared the news with a friend of mine who is spiritually superior to me, and she reminded me it may have something to do with me being more open than average or something probably followed me from the first two places i visited.
The NEXT night i was paranoid about the dream so i thought to record myself sleeping(which basically was closed after 3 hours so it caught nothing except a split-second tiny light ball thing it coming from the window) but after falling asleep i woke up to the whole window this time covered in the green matrix style light with the computer numbers on it(although this time it looked faded a bit) i did manage to fall asleep though but woke up to it one final time before telling myself it only happens while i'm half asleep, then as i woke up more it faded away and i finally finished sleeping for the night.

This has Never happened to me before and i was recommended to smudge the house but before i do i wanted to see if anyone had more answers/advice to share with me? Those are about the only details i remember and any help would be appreciate! :]