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Original Post:
by: whitecat13 on Nov 29, 2013

Since a few years ago I've been having dreams of a white zombie like cat who is only after me. If someone could help me figure out what this dreams mean I would be very grateful. The first dream occurred about 3 years ago, the second one about 3 months ago and this last one happened last night ( 11/29/13). They are disturbing and at first I thought it had something to do with how clingy my cat was becoming but I'm not sure anymore because 3 years ago my cat pretty much ignored me. I hope someone can give me some insight into what this means.

1st Dream: At first I was in a zombie world, an outbreak had just started it, months passed and I was still alive, living in a amusement park, then the scenery started changing. I was an island and a stormy sea after that I "woke up" in a room, there was my little sister, a few grown cats and some kittens the white wooden door was cracked open slightly enough to look out into a hallway. In the Hallway the was a white cat laying on the floor with it's eyes closed. It seemed to be sleeping and in the kitchen I saw my older sister cooking some food, I started to open up the door but the cat opened it's eyes and started moving strangely, it sort of moving from side to side like a snake. It's back legs weren't really working properly and It talked. It was trying to get into the room, I looked behind me and the cats and my little sister were awake they were scared. My older sister told me to close the door and to calm everyone down to lay down, not move, and pretend to be dead. i trying closing the door but the force the cat was using to try to get in was immense. It had strange eyes, i can't really describe them i would say they were large and the pupils were dilated. It was trying to touch me with it's paw but I knew that if it got me that would mean something terrible. Like I mention before it was talking, it sounded like a deep human male voice but it also sounded like hissing, it said "let me devour your soul, i want your soul, let me have it, i want to devour your soul" and while it said that it was twisting it's body upside down. The scenery changed again and i was the island there was a wooden boat on the beach, the sea had calmed down and i was having a conversation with a prince, my future husband, people were preparing for the wedding and he told how he want it to be a double wedding, he also wanted to marry a servant girl who was like my best friend. I agreed to it while she was standing next to the prince smiling at me. She told her dream was going to come true. When she left i continued talking to the prince and told him that if he wanted to marry me, i would be the ONLY girl he would marry. After that I saw the corpse of the servant girl in a room, it was sitting on a chair surrounded by skulls, i slowly watched her corpse decompose and become a skeleton, while it decomposed it said something along the lines of "Because of a selfish girl, my dreams could not come true, I curse her and everything she will ever love" and once it stopped talking it became a photograph that someone was holding on their left hand.

Second dream: I was at a school, the place was in ruins and there was a black dog, I'm deadly afraid of black dogs so i started running towards my house, when i got there I was my cousin and the door where open, I was warming them about a storm that was coming, i was telling them to get out. Most of the family left expect for my mom and then it hit me again that i was being chased by a black dog. I pushed my mom into the living room and closed the door. By that time the storm had caused massive floods and the water was black. The water level was already reaching the second floor of apartment buildings. My mom was completely calm, she was gathering clothes for the family before we left the city. Then i saw the white cat, it was breaking down the door in the living room merely my scratching it with it's paw. I pushed my mom into the next door that was full of boxes, it was sort of a storage room. I started pilling boxes by the door because the cat was hitting the door with it's head, it cracked the door and i would see it's eyes and the blood coming from it's head. The body was all twisted and it looked wrong but at the same it look right in the cat. As i would turn around to grab another box to put by the door the boxes on the door would disappear at the end as i was hurrying my mom into the next room and the water had rising to the fifth level of the apartment building i forgot about the cat and saw a bow tie that my dad would like and i was bending over to pick it up as the dream ended.

3rd dream:
I was at the supermarket hiding from my family and buying stuff when i stumbled upon the police station and there were four photos of cats with eyes like the white cat, the cats had their head covered or halfway buried in dirt. They looked dead and i think was named case #34. I didn't read what the paper said about what happened but it explained that the cats only "woke up" if they heard any sudden noises or sense movement and if they had something over their head like a towel they couldn't sense or hear anything.