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Original Post:
by: User71152 on Oct 09, 2010

im really interested in past lives and ive noticed there isnt really a forum to discuss them and as far as i can see, not many threads on them, so ive decided to start a thread so people can share their past lives. im always getting mail on this site from people wanting to discuss them.

i believe ive had at least 3 past lives. my oldest past life i think, was an egyptian one. i believe i was a male priest in the temple of anubis possibly around 3000 years ago. i was murdered for some unknown reason. ive had a few recurring dreams about this and i always wake up with pain in my chest after it.

the next i remember is one from around 400- 600 years ago. in england around the time of queen elizabeth the first. i have one really strong memory of me by a fire in a wooden house in the countryside and a woman comes in with a basket of sticks and says 'blessed be sister' the woman resembles my mother in this life. i think i was a female witch. this could be the reason why im so interested in the craft in this life. i also believe that my sister and i were hung because we were accussed of witchcraft.

the final one i remember is my most recent one. i was living in victorian britain but i was possibly born in new york. i was a rich spoilt brat who spent a lot of my familys money on the finer things in life (i do tend to spend to much in this life as well. lol) i think i was on the titanic on the way to america when i died. i also think i was a woman. i have this strong imagine in my head of being in a red dress with long dark hair. (im a man in this life) i love the arcitecture from around that time and seeing things from that time always give me a strong sense of familarity.

it is said that the things we did in our past lives affect our current life. we must learn from out past lives mistakes.

it is also said that we meet the same people. same friends, family, loves and even enemies. they may not always be your sister or husband or whatever they may change and be your brother instead of your sister or your best friend instead of your husband etc etc

if anyone has any memories of past lives or thinks they might of had a past life please do share them.

blessed be