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Original Post:
by: Amane on Apr 07, 2012

hello everyone,
i think i finally made it to the AP, but i did it in my sleep. I Know its hard to tell if it was a dream or not but the thing is i didnt just flop down into my bed and put my covers on. I was laying down relaxed then i THINK I feel asleep but I felt my body vibrating, and felt as if my soul was pushing upwards out of my body. I realized i was looking down at myself, I went up a glowing rope and i kept climbing into the sky, I felt cold air from the wind and when I made it "up" I looked around and I seen people or more likely spirits everywere.

Some were giggling at me cause i was in my PJ'S. So I floated around for awiel it was fun the feeling of flying was awesome.

But heres the main thing: I started to look for a Friend who just recently passed away and I thought since im in the the sprit world ill look for them.

Well i searched forever then finaly a women came up to me she looked like she was from the 1800's due to the way she dressed and she asked me what I was looking for so I told her and I also mentioned that my friend was Catholic. She smiled and said " hun this isnt heaven this is the spirit world, people who dont make it to heaven go here" i kinda got upset of the fact, I missed my friend.

I got up and looked through a hole in the ground i can see my body from above then people walking down my street from my house i walked over to the hole and i looked into it I guess i looked to close because i fell through it and i felt my body vibrating then i woke up.

(sorry this was pretty long)
so was it all just a dream or no?