Bad Luck Spells

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Spell Index => Luck Spells => Bad Luck Spells

These spells will either curse your target with bad luck, or grant them protect from bad luck.

Care must be taken when casting these spells as they will often back fire and the intended victim of your spell will not be effected. Instead the caster is cursed with bad luck, beginning with the miscasting of the spell.

It it vitally important that these spells be cast exactly as written and only the exact ingredients used.

More Free Bad Luck Spells

Stop Bad Luck Charm Bag
The Dark Reflectin Ritual
Three Fold Curse
A Curse From Loki
Absolute Misery Curse
Bad Karma
Break Up Friendship
Cursing an Enemy
Death Potion
Energy Drain
Fright To Someone Spell
Glass Eye Curse
Grimner's Nid Curse
Harm of Energy
Hex to bring Chaos
How To Deliver The Evil Eye
Karma Spell
Luck to Love
Make Someone Leave You Alone
Quick Curse
Revenge Spell
Simple Revenge Spell
Summon an Evil Guardian
The Death Game
To Banish Bad Luck
To Freeze your Ex
To get Revenge Hex
Weather Jinx
You messed with a witch
5 Irish Curses
Acoda's Curse
An Evil Death
Anger Revenge Spell
Animal Spirit Hex
As Below Up Above
Bad Luck
Bad Luck Charm
Bad Luck Go Away
Bad Luck to Enemies
Bad Things to Bad People
Banish Spell
Bell Witch Curse
Bind an Enemy
BlOoDy MaRy spell
Bone Magic Curse
Break Up A Couple
Bring Discord to One's Enemy
Bring Nightmares
Burn in Hell
Coffin Hex
Condom Curse
Crows Curse
Curse Enemies
Curse Mark
Curse of Nightmare
Curse to Death
Dark Message
Dark Pulsa
Deadly Curse
Death Note Spell no.2
Death Spell
Death to Thee
Death Wish
Demon's Wrath
Die with The Tigers
Discord and Darkness
Draconic Curse II
Duane Evil Revenge
Elemental Attack
Fat Curse
Fire Ball
For an Untrue Lover
Fortune to Ashes
Get Revenge on Someone
Get Rid of Someone's Powers
Get your Revenge
Give Him a Female Figure
Goofer Dust (Casting a Hex)
Harm the Enemy
Have my Nightmares
Hel's Curse
Hells Burning
How to become a Bad Luck Charm
How to Curse Someone
how to summon Jeff the killer
Injury Spell
Instant Karma
Just a Jinx
Karma Unfold Chant
Kill Someone
Lesson Learned for Mortals
Lucifer's Touch
Luxor Curse
Make a Poppet Doll
Make Someone Trip
Make someone's Hair Fall Out
Maledictus Charm
Mess up Spell
Misery Curse
Misfortune Penticle
Mutiara-E Curse
Necklace Enchantment
Nid Cursing
Nightmare& bad luck spell
Pain Ritual
Poison Apple
Porteck me Baron Samedi
Powerful Curse
Powerful Hex
Pray to the Gods
Prolonged Suffering
Punishment Curse
Quiet spell
Reflect and Revenge
Remove a Curse from Yourself
Revenge spell
Reverse a Spell
Rock of Blood
Ruin Relationship
Satanic Death Spell
Shape Shifters Killing
Sickness Descends
Simple Curse
Simple Killing
Someone get Ignores
Spell to remove a enemy
Spiteful Binding
Summon a Demon
Tail's Doll
The Black Water Curse
The Hex Jar
The Living Undead
The Spiderweb Cures.
Through the Outdoors
To Disempower a Witch
Torture Curse
Unfaithful Friend
Vampire Spell
Very Simple Luck
Virtual Nid
War Water
Wish Come True
Witches Curse
Acne Curse
Bad Luck
Basic Curse
Bloody Bath
Break Up a Couple Spell
Bring the Worst in Someone
Chant of Traitors
Curse Chant
Curse of Misery
Curse of War
Curse Your Enemies
Dark Revenge
Ease a Broken Heart
Elephant Trunk
Evil Spirit Vanquishing
Forsee the Future
Get rid of a horrible Person
Give Someone Karma
Good/Bad Fortune
Harleen's Bottle Hex
Hel's Curse
Lucky Hand Charm Bag
Moderate Grief
Nightengale Contract
Pain or death to enemy
Penny for Luck
Pentagram Curse
Plagued Dreams
Random Acid Reflux Spell
Real Working Revenge
Revenge Spell
Revenge spell
Rid the Bad Luck
Sahia Water Manifestations
Seth's Revenge
Take My Powers
The Darkest Closet
The White Hex
Toxic Swap Spell
Very Powerful Blood Curse
Witch's Hex
You Are Sleepy Potion
Charm Bag to Break a Bad Streak
Easy Revenge Spell---No Ingredients
Breakup, Banish and Get Your Ex Back
You Messed with the Wrong Witch
A spell to temporarily banish a disliked person in your life.
Bring Misfortune Upon One's Life
For to Make Horn-Blood Overwarm
Hex to bring... ''Discord and Darkness''!
Phantasamal Arrow of Hellish Rebuke
Revenge on someone that had hurt u or someone u care about
Send Bad Luck to another Person
Ugly WereWolf Spell: For You & OTHERS!
Black Magic Spell for Justice/Karma/Revenge
Curse Someone Who Stole From You
Nose, Eyes, and Ears of Bad Luck
The Briar Bottle or Bottle of Briars
bad luck
black magic death
curse of sleep
insant karma spell
stop someones heart
baseball luck
revenge to who you strongly hate
Summon a Goblin
The Wart Spell
Three Nights of Hell Spell
Vinegar Jar
A Fetish to Fight Bad Luck
Bad Baseball Luck
Break Bad Luck Charm
Burn a Building to the Ground
Cursed By Voodoo
Day of Misfortune
Easy Good and Bad Luck Charm
Gain Bad Luck
Good/Bad Luck
Grimner's Nid Curse
Hecate Justice
Hexing Your Enemy
Isabelle's Curse
Kava Kava Death
Make Someone Ill
Projection of the Burning Hand
Return to Sender
Revenge Curse
Send Back A Jinx/Hex/Curse
Struggling Vengeance Spell
Super Easy Revenge Spell
Thou Shalt Be Punished
To catch A thief
To Get Revenge
Twisting their Sixth Sense
White Magic Karma
1,000 Deaths
A Golden Crown
Against My Enemies
Anger Curse
Angonizing Pain of Rain Spell
Annoying Neighbor Spell
Bad Luck
Bad Luck
Bad Luck Curse
Bad Luck Hex
Bad Luck to Enemies
Bad/Good Drink
Become evil
Big Stomach
Black Widows Curse
Blood Bath Sex Spell
Boil and Trouble
Break Someone's Leg
Break Ups
Bring Monsters in your Dream
Burn a Person to Their Death
Cat Curse
Colon Brain
Creation Curse
Cthulhu Revenge
Curse an Enemy
Curse Enemy
Curse of Destruction
Curse the one you hate
Dark Moon Curse
Day of Anarchy
Death Note no. 4
Death Potion
Death to An Enemy
Death Upon You
Death's Scythe
Destiny Flick
Disable a Machine
Draconic Curse
Draining ones Life Force
Egg Hex
Elemental Hex
Finger Fun
Five Pointed Death
Get Revenge
Get Rid of Negative Energy
Get what they Deserve
Give Someone Nightmares
Goofer Dust Recipe
Have My Nightmares
Heartbreak City
Hell's Curse
Home from School
How To Curse Someone
How To Summon A Fairy
Human Ice Cube
Insomnia Spell
Irish Curse
Karmatic Curse
Lemon Curse
Love & Money
Lucifers Touch
Magic Testing
Make someone sick
Make Someone Ugly
Making a Hex
Maran Mantra of Enemies
Midnight terrors
Misfortune Hex
Missfortune spell/curse
My Vengeance (Curse)
Necromancers Hex
Nightmare Revenge ''
Noctis Dominae
Pepper Pentacle
Poison Apple Sleeping Death
Potion to Get Revenge
Powerful Curse
Powerful Lunar Curse
Prevent Backfire
Protection Chant
Puppet Magick
Rain Spell
Relieve Stress
Revenge Spell
Revenge Spell
Rise of the Kraken
Rotten Skin
Run Slower Curse
Self Infliction/Illness
Sick by Orange
Sickness Descends
Simple Hurt Hex
Sing-song, A song for Death
Sleepy Voodoo
Spell of Destruction
Spell to remove a enemy
Strong Curse
Summon The Grinning Cat
Talisman of doom
The Curse
The Jealousy Curse
The Shapeshifting Curse
The True Black Dot
Three Nights of Hell
To Cause Your Enemy Pain
To Stop Gossip
Trickster Mash up-Mix up
Undo A Protection spell
Vampire Spell
Vengeful Misfortune
Vicious Hex
Voodoo Doll
Wind Curse
Wishing Misfortune
Wotan's Fire Magic
Bad Luck
Bad Luck Potion
Black Magick Revenge
Break a Couple
Brief Nightmares
Cards of Revenge
Curse an Enemy You Hate
Curse of Hair Loss
Curse of the Gods
Curse Spell
Dark Lady Chant
Demon Send Away
Easy Bad Luck
Enemy move away
Fae Attraction
Freezing an Object/Person
Give an Enemy Bad Luck
Give Up Powers
Grim Reaper Visit Spell
Hatred Towards Thy Ex Curse
Moons Curse
Pain and Revenge
Pain Ritual
Pentacle Curse
Piggy Nose
Potato Skin Curse
Real Life Silent Movie
Revenge Spell
Revenge Spell
Rid of Horror
Sahia Air Manifestations
Satans Help
Simple Nightmares
Sweet Revenge Hex
Tear Someone's Mind
The Perfect Revenge
Time Loop Curse
Vengeance 3.0
War Water Hex
Easy No Ingredients Revenge Spell
Revenge on Someone Who Has Done You Wrong
To Curse Someone Who Offended You
3 Nights of Hell... Candle Spell
black arts DEATH WISH CURSE: dawn_101
Call The Angel and Saint Protector of the World - Michael
Fuse a fiend with negative energy
Misery Spell *(not tested but maked by myself)*
Phantasmal Arrow of Hellish Rebuke
Reverse Spell With Candle Magick
Turn your Enemy into a Laughing Stock
Voodoo Doll for Advanced Witches
Break Up Friendship/Relationship
Misfortune Jar Spell For Those Who Have Caused You Pain (Physical or Emotional)
Poweful Curse Breaking/Protection Spell
anger boils
bad luck lock
destined to fail
shine a dark eye
agony and death for arrogant and evil minded.


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