Puppet Magick

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Clay or cloth
  • Personal items of the person
  • Red candle
  • Holy water
  • White linen

Turn someone into your own puppet.

Casting Instructions for 'Puppet Magick'

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In the doll, add anything you find that is personal to the person (nail clippings,written paper, blood on a Band-Aid, hair left on a brush, etc.) Bless all of the items you are using to make our doll, be it clay or cloth and proceed to make the doll. Get a clear mental image in your mind as you concentrate on the persona while you are making the doll.

To reinforce your concentration keep repeating the following affirmation: (Name), as you I see. (Name) you represent to me. Continue this chanting and visualization until the doll is completed. Lay the doll on the altar with a red candle. Place both hands over the doll and will your energy to flow as you chant 3, 5 or 9 times: Though separate you are, you are linked as one. As (name) your life has begun.

Pass both sides of the finished doll through the flame of the red candle saying:With fire do I consecrate this doll as (name). Sprinkle both sides of doll with holy water and say: With water do I consecrate this doll as (name). Pass both sides of the doll through the incense smoke as you say: With air do I consecrate this doll as (name). Keep the doll wrapped in clean white linen until it is ready to be used in the ritual.


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