Absolute misery curse

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You will need:
  • A photo of the person you wish to curse
  • A knife or something to draw your blood
  • Black Thread and needle
  • Lighter and place to let the paper burn (if you have a pic)
  • Hate
  • A windy day or a lake

This is a spell to ruin the targets life.

Casting Instructions for 'Absolute misery curse'

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Take the photo of the person and hold it and think of nothing but hate allow it to consume you. As you feel your hate consume you draw you blood while holding on to the hate and let it drip on the photo while you speak the words "angor sequi te, despero sequi te,maius odia devoret te" (latin which translates to anguish follow you, despair follow you, may hatred consume you).

Once you have the blood smeared take the thread and needle and thread it through the photo around the edge and before you cut it off think of your hate devouring them like a monster and cut the thread with a little hanging off and put a drop of blood at the end of the thread. On the back of the photo if you can draw an infinity symbol(its a sideways 8 if you don't know) with your blood.

After you have that done take the photo and thread and burn in til its ashes and gather up the ashes. On a windy day let the ashes get carried away by the wind or if you have a lake nearby (I'm working with the assumption most inland lakes are polluted) put it in a bag and let it sink into the lake or perhaps even flush it down the toilet.


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