Send Back A Jinx/Hex/Curse

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Wand/staff/magick finger/etc.
  • A curse placed upon you
  • White candle(s)
  • Black Candle (if the hex is health related)
  • A moon phase that is NOT a waxing phase. (Works best on New Moons and Waning Moons)
  • Strong will
  • (Optional) Picture or some sort of DNA from the person you are targeting.
  • (Optional) Witch Hazel

An easy spell that will send back back a minor jinx, hex, or small curse. This will not work on the reversal of major curses. It does not have any karmic backfire, because it IS a karmic backfire.

Casting Instructions for 'Send Back A Jinx/Hex/Curse'

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Cast your circle as you normally would for a spell.

Light the white candle. (And black candle for health issues.)

Say: "I have been {jinxed}, it's plain to see,
And {so-and-so} has sent it to me.
By nature's law I shall return it three-by-three-by-three."

Repeat this three times.

The third time, hold the picture/sample and crush it or tear it in your magick hand. If a picture, signature, strand of hair, etc. Burn it. If a bodily fluid, mix with witch hazel to purify, and pour it down a magick waste hole.

End spell if you have an endingritual. If not, simply clean up and close the the circle.

-NOTE- The words in {brackets} are supposed to be changed. Jinxes, hexes, and curses are different, si make sure you choose the right one! Replace {so-and-so} with the name to the fullest extent of your knowledge.( If they use an alias, say "the one known as _____")

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