Fat Curse

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Anything this person has touched more than once
  • Your target's undergarments (optional)
  • A plate of food
  • A cup of water
  • A confident and brave personality

This curse is sure to strike fear into your enemies eyes, they'll get so fat they'll rip they're clothes and bust buttons but don't take it too far if you kill someone don't try to sy it's my fault..... msg me if it works

Casting Instructions for 'Fat Curse'

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   =>Fat Curse
You may do this spell on yourself for fun it wears off after 5 hours but you may continuously do it to stay like that but everytime you do it it adds five more hours and five more pounds.
It takes 3 weeks to get to the limit of how much you can weigh
How old is your target?
If they are 10 or under skip to 3
If they are 11-14 skip to 2
If they are 15-42 go to 1
1. The limit is 380 lbs.
2. The limit is 260 lbs.
3. The limit is 180 lbs.
Warning: Do not mistake the limits if you do the wrong limit you may give them a heart attack or starve them
Make a pie/cake/baked good
Pour a whole box of sugar in a bowl
And clear your mind....
Burden whomever eats this cake with five extra pounds
Make them very fat and round
Whether by their will or not
Make their metabolism start to rot
Then sprinkle three pinches of sugar onto the cake
Pour a cup of water
Go to their house
And offer it as a peace offering
If they don't say ok shove a slice with sugar on it into they're mouth
And if they don't swallow and chew then make them chew and pour the water into they're mouth
Go home and wait for 9:00pm to come then
Sit on your floor and meditate, clear your mind.
Stay in that postion and open your eyes
Say: The Curse has begun
Every 4 hourse and 56 minutes they start to burn off weight
(You can't exercise with result until the 5 hours are up
Every 4 hours
Go to your home and meditate and clear your mind
And say:The curse is enhanced
As long as you do it hourly it won't wear off


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