Fae Attraction Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A bottle of honey
  • A glass bowl
  • 3 rose petals
  • Sugar

This is a spell that still needs work. This may not work as the existence of fairies is spoken upon especially by me who has no idea what to believe. Stay cautious for a magickal backlash.

Casting Instructions for 'Fae Attraction Spell'

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[center][color=red][NOTE - Inviting a Fae into your life can be wonderful or terrible. They can cause good or bad luck. Be wary.][/color][/center]

? First, open up a window, any window.

? Lay the glass bowl on the windowstill and hover your palms over the bowl. Remember an recite this poem.

[center][i]"Mother Nature, hear my plea. Send a troublemaker, the size of a flea. Guide its way to my home. So it can help or destroy my life. Mother Nature, hear my plea. Send a faerie, so let it be."[/i][/center]

? Now quickly, pour some honey into the bowl. Not too much. Little is enough to draw the fae out.

? Its time to let the fae know you mean no harm. Throw a few pedals into the honey and mix. Any type of spoon is nice.

? Now wait. Go to bed, go out on the town. Fae are shy around humans and they should be. They're to small to drink all the honey, but they nibble bit by bit. The rose pedals will signify that you welcome them and they will come back everynight and drink a little. If you ever spot them, they'll appear to be little bulbs of light. Any color representing intention. Friendly fae are bright yellow. Mean fae are more orange like the sun. Sad fae are a dimmed bronze. Notice these colors if you ever see them!


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