Breakup, Banish and Get Your Ex Back

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your voice
  • picture of the target (the man or woman who has your love interest)

If you want your ex back but they're with a new partner, try this simple, but really powerful spell. It breaks up the relationship, banishes the other wo/man, and brings your ex to you if done correctly. This has really worked well for me. Bue beware of free will however! This spell works best if there's some feelings between you and your ex. But again, If you concentrate, this spell will still remove the other wo/man from the picture and banish them.

Casting Instructions for 'Breakup, Banish and Get Your Ex Back'

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Sit in a meditative state until your mind is cleared of all disbelief, self-doubt and insecurities. You want to feel strong and confident in your manifestation. Make sure your intent is CLEAR. This should take no more then 5 minutes.

Stare at the picture of your target until that image of them is in your head clearly. Then close your eyes and visualize them being erased from the picture. You may also visualize their image catching on fire and turning to ash, being blown to the dirt of the earth. Say the following incantation:

(first and last name of target) go away!
From (first ad last name of your love interest)you will stray.
By the 7th day,
you will be far away.
Leave (first and last name of target)to me.
This is my will, so mote it be.

Say this for 7 consecutive days, counting down the days each time you say it. (for example, tomorrow you will replace "by the 7th day" with "by the 6th day". then "5th day", "4th day", "3rd day", "2nd"
or "next day" and "by today" for the final day.)

If your target is responsible for your breakup and you want revenge on top of it, then do this in the restroom and write their first and last name on a piece of toilet paper, then do the spell. Afterward wipe feces on the toilet paper and say "you're s#*t! You're life is s#*t!", and flush it down the toilet. Not only have you broken them up, and banished her/him, but you've also turned his/her life upside down. If you go more then once a day, then you can do this spell multiple times during the day too.

I got excellent results from this spell. Both times I used it, I broke them up exactly in the time frame. I hope it works out well for you!


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