You Are Sleepy Potion

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - water (500ml)
  • - lavander (a pinch, crushed or powdered form)
  • - Charmomile (a handful crushed)
  • - for nightmares: purstone (a pinch, do this on your own risk!)
  • - for more powerful brew: ginger (a pinch)

Go To sleep is to be used bedtime in order to aid in sleeping.

Casting Instructions for 'You Are Sleepy Potion'

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As I Cat8Mouse, Gods and Goddess disclaim, as far as the Three Laws is permissable. All liability for accidents, injuries, loss and many others that aren't listed that may or may not occur as a result if the following is misused.
We use our best common sense at all times. So stay within the Three Laws and coven rules and if you mislead the following do it on your own risk! i'm not hold responsiable for your actions or others.
be considerate of other people and any other living thing. If there is any questions you want to ask please feel free to send me a inbox or something to let me know any of the outcomes.
As I always say Speak no evil, See no evil and don't act evil
Name of Spell: Go To Sleep Potion
Name of auther: Cat8Mouse
Name of copyright:
Define Spell: Go To sleep is to be used bedtime in order to aid in sleeping.
Effects: To make subject fell sleep, before bedtime. This has not been tested and effects may end in a different result.
Best Day: Anytime! before subject goes to sleep
Moon Phase: Anytime! before subject goes to sleep

1. Being water to a slow boil.
2. Add lavender and stir 21 times, counter-clockwise.
3. Add charmomile and let it simmer for 20 minutes (potion should be pale, clear, purple with a tint of green, though the green may not always be observable)
4. For nightmares; add a pinch of purslane and stir 5 times, counter-clockwise
5. For a more powerful brew; add a ginger and stir 5 times, counter-clockwise

1. If you do use the nightmare side of it, i'm not hold responsible for your actions or others. Please have common sense and respect the three laws.
2. It shouldn't be used longer then a week or two or the one may start falling asleep at odd times of the day.
1. Potion can be stored up to a month, though you are able to brew a fresh batch weekly.
2. For more powerful brew: ginger (a pinch)
3. Instead of getting the target to drink it why not back a nice cake and add some of the potion into it.


This article was contributed by Cat8Mouse

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