Virtual Nid

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candles of your choice
  • A quiet area

How to cast a ''virtual nid''.

Casting Instructions for 'Virtual Nid'

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The modern way of sending a nid as a curse is to do it with the internet and send it electronically. In this case, instead of having a physical nidstang or nidhing pole- you would find a picture of one and write the persons (who you desire to curse) name on it. Once youve written the name, focus intently on the image and then come up with your nid- the verbal cursing. As stated elsewhere, you may wish to call upon deities to help you. List out the actions you wish to befall the person you curse.

Once youve done this, hold the paper over a candle and let it burn. Chant the persons name repeatedly as you do this, again, visualizing them. As it burns, begin to meditate and work your way towards trance. Through this, build up your energy and direct it towards the person that youve made the nid for- this will take the place of the physical nidhing pole. Channel your energy towards that person. Keep in mind, the goal is not to effect the person directly- but rather to upset the landwights around them and cause them to take the desired action.

When you are finished, take the ashes from the burnt paper and bury them in soil where you live.


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