Love & Money

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You need:
  • . A sacrificed Item (one for every thousand dollars you want)
  • . A picture of a love heart
  • . Coins or notes, depending on what you want your money to be in
  • . Lastly, you will need a rose

This spell is about making money. If you are ever in a jam and need more to survive, or lose money, replace it.

Casting Instructions for 'Love & Money'

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Get your sacrificed item and say: "This (Name of the item) is my sacrifice to you, now it is time to say 'shoo!' to money problems. From the (The name of a bank) I will take as many thousands as I have sacrifices." Get your rose, divide the petals up onto your sacrifices. If there is an odd amount, rip one of the petals up evenly. Get your coin or note and throw it out a window. Then scrunch up your picture of a love heart and chuck it into water, until it disintegrates. With the stem of the rose, you can use it to weaken another person by highly emotional love. Chant: "By my forced hand and my unconditional hatred I 'justify upon this person to fall.

(The sacrifices have to mean things to you. Deep, emotional things.)

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