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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Lots and lots of food
  • (Example: 4 soda cans 3 cheeseburgers 8 cakes, it has to be unhealthy foods if not the spell won't work)
  • Belief

This spell is used for fun.... If you find it funny to watch your buttons pop off!:P

Casting Instructions for 'Fat Spell'

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Caution:While using this spell stay away from windows or mirrors you can in flate at anytime!
1. Place your food in front of you
2. Say this:
I call upon god to grant my wish to become bigger, fatter.
I don't need anything else from you that is all that matters.
(Starts to yell) MAKE ME FAT MAKE ME FAT!
(Talk in a loud voice but stop yelling)
Make me 379 pounds!
Make me squishy and round!
Then eat all of the food and don't allow yourself to throw up.
In 3-5 hours you'll start to feel heavier.
Just to test it stand on the scale if you can't see your feet then lay down on your couch and imagine how FAT you'll be when you are finished
Lay there for about 4 more hours and then "pass" the food
If you can see your feet eat twice as more food as you did before
Then pass the food and then eat twice as much food as before.
Do NOT pass that food
Your stomach will begin to hurt
If your stomach hurts keep eating
After 3 hours of eating check your weight if it is around 200-320
Then stop eating
Wait for your stomach to start gargling.
If your clothes starts to rip let them
If the button on your pants pops off....
(Do not eat after your clothes start ripping if you do you go to 400 pounds and after you reach 400 you will not go back to your original weight EVER)
Put on a button shirt get out a camera and start recording
Buttons will start popping
5 hours later you may exercise
If you don't go back to your normal size in a week msg me and then I wil give you the link to the reverse spell.
Msg if it worked or not
I tested it on myself and I'm still fat....
I tested on my friend and she is really skinny now.....
Side Affects:
Craving foods you don't even like
Major flatulence problems
Late period
Early period
Possible virgin birth
(If you are a fertile female do not use this unless you want a possible virgin pregnancy)


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