Easy bad luck spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Channelled hate and anger

An easy way to get back to those who do bad things to you. This spell is just to set a score straight it is not meant to hurt a person physicaly to a terrible state, but a person will get hurt in some way

Casting Instructions for 'Easy bad luck spell'

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Firstly to cast this spell a person had to have done something bad to you. If you find it in your heart that it is unjust the spell will work with freat results. All you have to do at the time when someone does something bad to you is just say these few words out loud directed to them "bad things will happen" for this spell to work you need hatred toward this person. The spell can work instantly depending on how much hate you channeled the maximum wait is seven days. Warning this spell is only meant for revenge, do not just use it at will or else vad luck will befall you, also you need to say the words out loud for the spell to work "bad things to happen", dont shout them out orsay them in your heart just say them out.

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