Witchcraft gains popularity through TikTok - Webster Journal

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Feb 20, 2021
This article is not so good. It describes Witchcraft as ''look, I have crystals, I dont need to see a doctor ever again!''. Crystals are such a small part of witchcraft and also not considerd having healing properties. Yes, they are used in spells, but not to cure the flu.

Feb 20, 2021
*rolls eyes* Witchy esthetic, the article. For the record, you can use Witchtok to learn and you're no less of a witch. While I'm not a fan of wearing dressing up as a witch to look cool, if it's empowering to you, I don't see the harm. This whole article sounds like kids playing pretend. While I won't deny some are, many have found The Craft through TikTok. ON a side note, I've recently discovered groups are trying to get witches removed from TikTok because ''witchcraft is evil'' and if that's true, that's far more dangerous than someone playing with crystals to look cool.