an explanation of why time travel to prevent event or correct your mistakes is an exercise in futility. And why real time travel is something you may never want to do.

Casting Instructions for 'WHY TIME TRAVEL IS A WASTE OF TIME!'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • none.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • none.

for starters, this is not a spell. It is to show you why all time spells here on this site are fluff--and will always be.

I am going to start is that universes are places that never wants anyone to alter them. Assuming you are not the creator who is reading this, the universe does not listens to you, does not care about you, and does not want you messing with her. 

And any changes made are undone as quickly as they are made, and no amount of magic or spells will cause your changes, whatever they may be, to take effect. (sorry forces of evil).

put simply, if you try to kill Hitler in the past for example, someway, somehow, he will get lucky and survive your assassination attempt--as he did with all other assassination attempts that were made against him.

Another example is that say you try to save your girlfriend or boyfriend who passed away in a car accident. Someway, somehow, another accident claims that person at exactly the same time as the car accident.

so no matter what you do, and what magic you use, it all will still happen in spite of your best efforts. And this is how all universes will be forever.

Also, if you somehow manage to prevent an event, the universe still finds a way of restoring destiny--namely you sharing the fate of the hypothetical boyfriend or girlfriend who passed away. Because the universe is a living thing, and will defend herself against those trying to hurt her--just as you would if someone was trying to hurt you.

Let me put it this way: Would you let someone do surgery on you without your permission? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!


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So either way if I were to try a time spell to save my little sister from dying in a car wreck she would still die anyway?..

Nov 19, 2019
i'm sorry to hear about your sister, but time travel doesn't work. period. time is linear, it marches forward, it doesn't stop or reverse [believe me, if it did, i would be the first to abuse the heck out of that power to change my life. deaths, abuse, other tragedies i didn't foresee, even ''what if'' regrets i contemplate, i would check my morals at the door and mess with time like crazy if it was remotely possible, but it's not]

Odd rant, but valid. Real Magic is a force of nature. It is a neutral energy that brings natural change. If a spell contradicts nature, such as teleportation, it will not work on the physical plane because this contradicts nature. It is merely a fact of Magic you need to accept. Magic is an energy that effects the energy around you to attract or repel a desired outcome. If you can do something without Magic, it will work. Magic makes thing easier, it does not make the impossible possible. If you want to do the impossible, look into astral projection, because it will never happen on the physical, regardless of how much you believe.

Oct 12, 2020
What if i wanted a book from the past or poem could it work then?

Oct 13, 2020
If you wish to travel to the past to retrieve an object such as a book, it still will not work. Past life regression lets you watch past events. You cannot interact with or alter the past in any way.

You cannot alter the past. What is done is done, you can only move forward by learning from your mistakes. What is written above is odd, but somehow valid. Feel like it needs editing.

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