Telekinesis Go Learn

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Learn to move objects with telekinesis.

Casting Instructions for 'Telekinesis Go Learn'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pendulum
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pendulum

Get comfortable and relax. Now focus your mind on your energy and hold a pendulum in your left or right hand. Then hold the pendulum over the other hand and watch it spin in a clockwise motion just above the palm of that hand.

After a few moments bring your attention upon the spinning pendulum and with your mind and energy system commanded the pendulum to stop.Once the pendulum has stopped hold it there for a moment then in your own time try swinging the pendulum backwards and forwards over the hand. take a few moments to notice the motion of the swing and the energy in your hand.

Then focus your thoughts again and try swinging the pendulum across your hand from left to right and hold that motion for a couple of minutes.Then in your own time stop the pendulum and hold it there for a moment or two. Now trying spinning the pendulum in a reverse motion to how the chakra in the hand spins in other words when you start if the chakra is spinning in a clockwise motion then spin the pendulum in a counter clockwise direction.

After you have spun the pendulum in the reverse direction focus your mind on the pendulum and return the natural spin to the chakra.Try this technique with both the right and left hand.


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Ok so I just learned this recently from another user named Nekoshema but this is called pendulum work for anyone who doesn't know the terms :) Telekinesis is much harder than this and very improbable from what I heard, but I don't believe it's impossible.

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