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Name: HarizB
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Reason to learn magic: Because i want to help people with the magic i learn. I don't want people being sad or anything, i just want to make them happy. I also don't want to let people die in this world, i don't want to see as well! So i make sure that i will help most of the people who need help if i see them! Skill Learned: Aerokinesis, Telekinesis, Heal, Spiritual spells(mastered), more. Experience in learning onmyoji: 3 years experience. When did i learned onmyoji: When i was 11 yrs old till now, I'm 13 this year but turning 14 yrs old on Nov 13 2008. (this new coven is still waiting to be accepted) I formed a new coven, Onmyoji for all the people who wishes to be an onmyoji. It is auto-accept to the members of this site to join us. I want everyone to be clear on this one. No spamming. No ridiculous spells. No ridiculous rituals. No offending other members even though they're not a coven member. Keep the place clean as possible as you can. Contribute proper spells for an onmyoji. No spells or ritual for vengeance. Only use the spells against spirits. Don't use these spiritual spells for bad purposes. Help people using these wonderful gifts. When contributing spells, they are sometimes needed for the position of the hands to work. So when starting creating one, sometimes organize the hand position first.If needed, you can also add visual exercises to learn further the spell. It should be like; Energy Ball Attack Hand Position: Hands must be in front of your chest. Hands must touch your other hands like you're praying with all fingers pointing upwards and say: "On abira unkyan sharakutan!" Visual Exercises: 1) Visualize flow of energy into you when the hands position is placed, 2) A purple ball on th tip of your middle finger, just visualize it there, 3) Concentrate, and keep repeating the spell until whenever you may wish to stop. Just like that. Ok? BEING AN Onmyoji is real hard! So don't expect that even though you've mastered the arts of magic, it's still a long way to master onmyodo! So still, be patient and calm. Notes: Meditate for better results, to make sure you've succeed in casting a spell these are the symptoms of a succeed spell; 1)feeling weak, 2)feeling a bit dizzy, 3)hand tingling, 4)feeling a little of your spirit energy is flowing out, 5)at night, you could see something that looked invisible, 6)you could hear something talking to you(could be an ayakashi asking for help) 7)I'll add more if i have experience with other symptoms with strong spells that I'm still learning. Being experienced in onmyodo don't recently have symptoms. Only people who started learning because their spirit energy is weak. Ayakashi: are creatures like spirits, there are small ones and big. The minor demons(ayakashi)are weak spirits and are good towards an onmyoji. While the major demons are strong spirits those feed on minor demons and humans(those humans only have kenki ability) Kenki ability: are people who have the ability to see demons. If you have any question, do send a message to me. visit this site for something; http://onmyojischool.ace.st