Shadow Walking: A Sith Spell for Invisibility

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Description: The Sith have long sought ways to harness the power of darkness and secrecy, and ''Shadow Walking'' is a Sith ritual designed to grant the practitioner the ability to cloak themselves in complete invisibility. This ritual taps into the dark side of the Force, enabling the Sith to move undetected through the physical and metaphysical realms. *NOTE THAT THIS RITUAL DOES NOT GRANT PHYSICAL INVISIBILITY BUT IT DOES ACT AS A SORT OF SPIRITUAL/METAPHYSICAL CLOAK TO MAKE YOU GO UNNOTICED FROM PRYING EYES.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A secluded chamber or temple: The ritual must take place in a location far from prying eyes, a hidden chamber or a Sith temple shrouded in darkness. PREFERABLY YOUR OWN PERSONAL POWER SPACE. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT IF YOU HAVE NOT SET UP A SITH ALTAR YOU SHOULD DO SO, IT WILL ACT AS A CONDUIT FOR DARK SIDE ENERGY EACH TIME YOU ARE IN RITUAL.
  • Candles of the Abyss: A set of black candles, the candles symbolize the Sith's affinity with darkness and
  • serve as the catalyst for the ritual.
  • Dark Side Relic: An artifact imbued with the essence of the dark side, such as a Sith holocron or a corrupted Sith artifact. This relic acts as a channel for the Sith's connection to the dark side during the ritual. *HOLOCRON MODELS CAN BE PURCHASED ON ETSY AND FOUND RELATIVELY CHEAP! YOU CAN ALSO IMPLEMENT CRYSTALS OR A TOY LIGHTSABER OR FULLY FUNCTIONAL SPARRING SABER OR PHYSICAL SWORD OR DAGGER.
  • Sith Bloodstone: (ANY RED OR BLACK GEM OR A BLOODSTONE) A gemstone infused with the dark side of the Force. It must be large enough to fit into the palm of the practitioner's hand and serves as a focus for their intentions. Bloodstone and Citrine are both good stones for this as are Obsidian Stones. Citrine is very potent as it has high concentrations of Iron which is associated with Mars energy and is a good stone for waging magickal war operations.
  • Sacrificial Offering: To achieve invisibility, the Sith must make a personal sacrifice. This could be a painful physical act, relinquishing a cherished possession, or a dark act that severs a significant bond in their life. *NOTE: DON'T BE STUPID, WE'RE NOT TALKING A HUMAN SACRIFICE! THERE A PLENTY OF OTHER FORMS OF SACRIFICE SUCH AS THE LETTING GO OF AN OBJECT, BURNING AN OBJECT, AND OR ENERGETIC SACRIFICES, ''INSERT YOUR LOCAL POLITICIANS VIA PHOTO OR WRITTEN NAME AS ENERGETIC SACRIFICES''.

Casting Instructions for 'Shadow Walking: A Sith Spell for Invisibility'




Preparation: The practitioner must meditate in complete solitude, focusing their mind on the power of the dark side. This process helps align their intentions and attune themselves to the ritual's purpose.


Candle Circle: Using 9 black candles, the practitioner arranges them in a perfect circle around themselves. The flames are then ignited, casting eerie shadows and creating an aura of darkness within the chamber.



Invocation of Shadows: The practitioner recites an incantation, invoking the names of ancient Sith Lords (Implement Goetic Demons or Servitors), and embracing the power of the dark side. This chant serves to establish a connection with the dark side and open a metaphysical gateway to the realm of shadows.


Bloodstone Activation: The Sith bloodstone is held tightly in the practitioner's hand, and they focus their anger, hatred, and desire for invisibility into it. The stone absorbs the dark side energy, glowing with an ominous crimson light.


Sacrificial Offering: The practitioner performs the chosen sacrifice, channeling their pain, anger, or despair into the ritual. This act fuels the transformation, binding their essence to the shadows and granting them temporary invisibility.


Merging with the Shadows: With the bloodstone pulsating in their hand, the practitioner envisions themselves merging with the surrounding shadows, becoming one with the darkness. They must immerse themselves in the sensation and visualize their body dissolving into shadows.


Cloaked in Darkness: As the ritual reaches its climax, the Sith's body becomes ethereal and fades from view. They become invisible to both the naked eye and Force senses; their presence concealed by the power of darkness itself.




The invisibility granted by "Shadow Walking" is temporary and typically lasts for a limited duration, usually a few hours or days, depending on the practitioner's strength in the dark side and their mastery of the ritual.


The Sith must exercise caution while in a cloaked state, as sudden movements or disturbances can temporarily disrupt their invisibility, revealing their presence.


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