Become Unnoticeable

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I use this spell when playing games like Man Hunt or Hide-and-Seek Tag. It makes yourself unnoticeable to others.

Casting Instructions for 'Become Unnoticeable'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Cloak (optional)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Cloak (optional)
Huddle up into a ball. It you're wearing a cloak, try to make it match your surroundings (i.e. A black one for nighttime, a green one if you're in a field, etc). Then, say the following once:

(Light/Dark) and Shadow, hear my plea. Make the seen become unseen. Make me dissapear from view, invisibility I need from you. So mote it be.

Try to imagine yourself vanishing suddenly, and imagine the area you are in without you being there. This spell works for me most of the time, probably it will work more for you than me though. I did manage to scare my friend with this spell XD


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So is this spell broken if someone finally notices me?

Sep 01, 2019
not broken, i have a friend who would ground his energy when we were playing manhunt so we would not notice him [worked really well, the cheater] if this works, it would probably wear off when you loose concentration the first few times you cast. as you gain experience you won't need to focus as much for it to be successful. a spell not working how you expected, wearing off over time, taking longer to manifest, or working for someone else but not you doesn't mean it's broken. spells don't work for a number of reasons, and in this instance, it would most likely be concentration [which you build up over time] keep practicing grounding/charging your energy

Mar 04, 2020
Ha Ha, Fasterwolf and I were not cheating. There was no rule against invisibility spells.


This is one cool spell! Adding this to my BOS!

I'm adding this to my spell book I will than be unbeatable in hide and seek with my sister oh I always win though when I get board I tend to give away my hiding spot just to move on to the next round

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