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This spell will create a door. I don't garuntee that this will work all the time, so don't be mad if it doesn't work.

Casting Instructions for 'Create a Door'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Chalk
  • Wall
  • Mind
  • Imagination
  • Belief
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Chalk
  • Wall
  • Mind
  • Imagination
  • Belief
First, if you have any chalk, find a wall and draw a door with a doorknob.

Next, imagine the place you want the door to go to.

Now, say, ''If your passage is blocked, all you do is knock.''

Finally, knock on the door. Hopefully, it will work

For the kids: Fun to make the door to lead to your imaginary world and go at night so you won't have to go to bed. Adults will think your sleeping


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Hopefully it works😆

It does not work

Jan 12, 2019
Exactly. This spell is fake and will not work.

I'm young and still living with parents, I don't buy stuff like this cuz I would look weird, I will start older so I can go someone from my own house without anyone knowing and buying magic stuff, I'm strange, I believe in magic but want a job in science. I believe that science and magic can colaborate, magic is just a type of science most of society doesn't understand.

Jan 16, 2019
I feel the same way but dealing with magic doesn't make you weird, it is normal to think that but it doesn't. It more or less makes you even more normal than everyone else. (that is what I think about dealing with magic)

Jan 17, 2019
I agree ^u^ and yea it doesn't make you weird just maybe mysterious :3

Mar 12, 2019
You're not strange, magick and science can go hand in hand. Many pagans work in science and medicine. [historically witches were healers who knew the healing properties of herbs as well as superstitious knowledge] magick is a natural energy that works along with nature, not against. So any spell that seems far fetched, chances are, they're fake. Spells direct magick on a path to bring a desired change to your life, it doesn't make you fly or make fire appear from thin air [would be cool, but that's Hollywood magic, aka fake] keep studying and I wish you well on your path.

Apr 11, 2019
I feel this way too my parents don’t believe in magick so I have to go on my journey alone and they would a have done in the past at me weird for talking about magick and practicing it. I they would even more so if I started coming home from a day out with loads of magic things they’d probably end up going in the trash can as my parents would bin it can’t wait till I have a house of my own

Jul 19, 2019
There is nothing weird about that. It just means that you are an alchemist

i used it be fore

Apr 01, 2020
does it work ?

Hey im new. Does this actually work?

Feb 28, 2020
No as has been stated and explained by Neko and Tad

I think this spell is from the charmed book of shadows ,kinda but in the Charmed-BOS it says ''if the path is blocked , al you have to do is knock ''

Apr 01, 2020

You cannot create a physical door to transport you to another place.

Please don't tell me you tried to copy charmcaster's ledgerdomain , the door to anywhere , it's fake

Pretty sure they mean open a door that Pierces the veil. How to undo this spell tho ? I heard a voice after doing this

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