Turn into a Beautiful Fairy

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This spell will turn you into a fairy in just one week. People who did this spell have to have time for their powers and wings to develop. Also, your wings are easily hideable so if you are going somewhere, you can hide them. But beware of the mysterious team called AWTOK!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Bowl
  • Pretty flower with lots of petals
  • Green grass
  • Lake water or river water
  • Pretty gem
  • Something that means something to you
  • Strand of YOUR hair
  • Belief
  • Concentration

Casting Instructions for 'Turn into a Beautiful Fairy'

  Go to a stream of water or a lake of water and get half of the bowl you are using.

 Sit in front of the lake or stream and pick off each of the flowers petals and say this while dropping each petal in:


   "I wish to be a fairy."


Say that for as how many petals are on that flower for example: if you picked off 4 petals, then you say that 4 times.

 Drop in each strand of grass saying:


"I will care for my planet."


Really mean that.

  Put in the pretty gem and say:


"Fairies listen now! I have a wish!"


The gem and the words grab their attention and they will start listening.

Put in the strand of hair and say:


"I give you my good DNA, to show you I am no harm."


Really mean that or they won't listen and they will avoid you.

Say this spell and every word you speak that they like to hear, they will get one step closer:



"Fairies, fairies the brightest of them all! Grant my wish so I can become one of you! I do no harm to the earth, I will care for my friends and I promise, I will not hurt anything gorgeous to you. Please listen and grant my wish so mote it be!"



After the spell, take out the gem,grass and petals and drink the water with the hair in it. All of it!

 After drinking the water, act like a fairy. Make it look like you are one with the earth and the fairies will choose if you are good enough to become one of their tribe. When you go to bed tonight, think of fairies and then go to sleep. The fairies might wake you up and give you a bracelet that shrinks you and turns you into a fairy. If they don't, try again and they might give you the bracelet. Once you have the bracelet, bid the fairies goodbye and go back to sleep. In the morning, put on the bracelet and keep it on for 7 days to show the fairies you deserve that bracelet. After 7 days, keep the bracelet onand go outside. Call for the fairies and they will come out and they will tell you to say a specific spell. Once the spell is said, you will shrink down and turn you into a fairy. The fairies will give you a home and will give you a tour. Once done exploring, take the bracelet off and you will become human again. Go find the gem and give it to the fairies and they might give you one specific power that matches your ability. One gem= one power. Be blessed and message me for any unusual side effects! -MagicSparklz

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You cannot become a fairy.

Yes you can plus you can be anything you want to be like a vampire or a wolf do not smile when you read this..we all have magical favorites just believe

May 29, 2019
You cannot change your genetics with magick, also cannot turn into another species like vampires, werewolves and especially not faeries. These beings are spirits not physical and we cannot become them, no matter how much someone may believe.

May 29, 2019
magick can't contradict nature, you are human, and no spell will change this fact. you can work with these spirits [faeries, vampires, werewolves, wolf spirits] but you'll never become one.

Aug 08, 2021
Magick isn't all about belief. Magick cannot contradict nature.

You cannot take the form of a faerie

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