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Name: Hopelove05
Location: Petaluma the egg basket do not trust it see me...
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Last Seen: Wed, 29 May 2019
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Occlut saved my power...crows are smarter birds well there is more then one I can hear I love intelligence over 18 do not lie over the computer please
I believe in magic powers and I believe in psychicsim I was bullied abused mentally beat down..suffer in silence be advised of professional witch hunters I take my magick very seriously and believe in all gifts,Magic cured my life I hate talking about myself I want you all to believe I am not part black and white...
I think we all need to use magic for good and help each other learn that magic can be cruel and evil but it also has a charming side I think magic needs to be used for good maybe we call need to keep a eye out for witch hunters
I have never been served with kindness in all my life just people having issues because of my natural beauty which I deny...just keep in mind witch hunters are everywhere use our magic and protect ourselves I believe in the fellow supreme and Kabbalah magic was made for a reason...blah blah I hate me me me stuff I wish I was a normal girl I hide behind a conceited face...I know how to work alone it is how I feel safest people have no idea to wake up in fear people have hurt me I do not know why....but I want into magic school feel free to add me if you do not like tell me pay attention to Stevie Nicks seven wonders is my favorite song I am proud of the fea side I hide I bet I can see when bam is dead...I am proud of being myself here I am scared of making friends but I need hope all around..the real struggle of having power and being kind to others..nature is out friend work shapeshifter I am fine with working alone I do trust people who abuse there powers...you earn what knowledge you were given try to care about each other I do not know about you I grew up in the magic area I am best known for hiding it, I love the color black...believe in ufo do not allow yourself to well known the best ones hide or store away there magic...some of you may learn about boho or Grover I have been both...wholesome fun be watching out for us, avoid witch hunters are coming I do not want to be a on tv medium like Tyler henery I prefer quit meetings star seed I enjoy all things fairy fea focusing on magicmagick