Demonic Wings

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This is a wing growing spell that permits the growth of leathery/bat wings. It works, and it does so well.

Casting Instructions for 'Demonic Wings'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

This spell is deceivingly simple. If it helps your concentration you can involve candles, crystals, etc., but all you essentially have to do is chant the following in threes as many times as possible:

"Wings, wings, come to me
Elements I call to thee
Earth is my return to rest
Air is my supporter in flight
Fire is my burning desire for wings
Water is my blood calling for the sky
I wish for wings
Their colour reflects my soul
My bones change
Light yet strong, unbreakable
My lungs can breathe the fine air
Their strength lets it forever flow
My muscles are wiry
Their strength could beat a bull's
Whenever I receive injury
My body heals instantly
Evolving as with nature
My body receives what I ask
My soul belongs only to the sky
My main wish is to fly
I shall have the wings of a demon
To fly higher than the birds
Wings, wings, come to me
Demonic is what I wish to be
To fly in the sky
To breathe in the sea
Deities, grant my wish for me
So mote it be"

No, you don't have to be demonkin or part-demon (it's impossible for someone in a human vessel to make themselves more than half-demon with magick, before you get your hopes up) for this to work. Unfortunately, I can't source the super strength/healing/water breathing claims made in the spell; it's one that's existed in many forms for many years. I suppose you could change around some of the wording to make it usable for non-demon wings too, if you wanted.

This spell is long and requires a LOT of repetition multiple times a day for years on end. It works best if combined with the Law of Attraction, other spells, visualization, prayer, and any psi/kinetic powers you may have that would be relevant.


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Humans do not have wings therefore a spell will not change this fact.

May 08, 2019
I go on all the fake spells to point out they don't work. I've been on this site for many years and feel the need to prevent people from wasting their time on nonsense. No I have not tried any grow wings spells, but in my youth I did try a number of these fake spells, yes I did believe in them, and no they didn't work. As for you last bit, don't believe in the devil either, I work with a number of deities but a being of pure evil in red pyjamas isn't one of them, it's ''hi'' and in ''hello'' not ''high'' as in ''height'' [a minor point, but still] and ending with insulting my intellect after the drivel you mashed out is the most laughable part of your critique period.

May 08, 2019
Your bio says you're 17, Ivey. You're clearly trolling at this point.

I think the devil is real. I get why some people don’t believe in him because of their religion or they just don’t believe but I believe he is real.

Jun 20, 2019
And it's fine if you believe in him, so long as you realize the devil [or even the concept of a pure evil being fighting a pure good being] isn't a universal belief and just because someone doesn't believe in him doesn't mean they are being tricked by him.

You cannot grow physical wings.

Trolling has no place on this site please stop

Mar 25, 2020
Who are you accusing of trolling? Trolling is someone who is trying to start an argument, or is making irrelevant comments on a forum. From what I can see, everyone who has commented has been on topic and had added to the conversation. [someone deleted the comment bellow mine, but the user was breaking site rules by swearing if I recall] The only person I see who has replied more than once is myself, so if you're claiming I am trolling the comments, I assure you I'm not. I posted explaining why the spell doesn't work, then replied to people's questions. That isn't trolling.

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