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Name: Girldeath1
Birthday: Oct 31 2001
Location: Homeless streets of tn shared account !!!
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 26 Nov 2020
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Personal Bio
Greeting I'm Kit short for Kitty,I'm an 18 year old emo girl. I am homeless
My interests and hobbies-
Any kind of art
My favorites-
Rock music
Pepperoni pizza
Fruit punch energy drinks
Random facts about me-
I love children and animals
I used to be a DJ
I roleplay
I love my ramen
I love video games and movies
I love garlic pizza its good 0w0
My practices and studies-
Love magic
Beauty magic
Supernatural creatures
Other worlds
I'll be happy to help you
Message me I get lonely people
I have a snap just ask for it I also have hangouts and a phone number
I'm a Scorpio
I'm a potato a genderless potato lol 0w0
My favorite artist is avril lavigne
My fave song by her is what the hell
My favorite songs are colors of the rainbow by the italiobrothers and numa numa as well as fireflies
My personality is split so beware people
I currently am deppressed so please be nice or you will be blocked
Love is complicated to me i dont know how to keep it
Im a teen hearts model will be till my contracts over or i switch companies
Im from sevierville tennessee
I am not single i am engaged
I do spells but not for free i expect payment on cashapp
15 $ a spell and 10 for a reading
Im a introvert and i have a lot of anxiety around crowds